Out of Toronto 4.0

Vipers Log - 2075_03_13/19:47:23
Unreal Games


The Unreal are often so illogical, that a being could spend it’s entire existence trying to discover the underlying logic and only succeed in wasting their existence. Here were depths and layers and challenges that could make the investment in the Unreal worthwhile.

Viper thought maybe Mellie was spending too much time around the Unreal when she broke. He tried to help steer and guide her – but she only placated with a Yes.. I know.. I know.

Only she didn’t know..or else she’d not continue with her illogical behaviour instead her duality was showing her Unreal side. When one of the Guardians showed up, Viper knew that Mellie had gone too far. He could only continue to help his pet – no that was an inaccuracy. His companion, his pet project, his friend. He tried to guide her towards purity. Besides, it was through her that he found the gateway to the Unreal world – and games to far surpass those he had played before.

He quickly discovered the connections between the Unreal and the Real – and how some of the Unreal could touch and twist reality. Once he had the door opened he could twist and affect the Unreality.

He did not know this new Real being, but he could see the age and power in her. He was careful to keep his usual outbursts and expressive nature about his pet project more subtle as she interacted with the powerful being.

Viper could only watch as his pet project treated the Guardian as if it was any other common sprite, and then dismissed a second Guardian outright as if she was one of the horrible Unreal beings who tried to control the Real. In her state, Mellie was single-minded focusing on the silly Unreal objectives… the games she was playing that had nothing to do with anything.

At least it meant he would get to have fun. On the way Mellie explained their newest game. The Guardian would be used to break into one of the Unreal moving platforms – this one was a special platform and would have another Unreal player trying to get it back. Then he would get to swoop around with the amazing toy and cause mayhem while Mellie spent all her time doing some inventory accounting or something equally boring. It didn’t make sense to him – but nothing in the Unreality seemed to make sense. Perhaps that was the sense in it, maybe it was just a poorly designed game.

First, hijacking one of the smaller Unreal moving platforms to transport Mellie’s Unreal avatar, Viper jumped into the best toy, the man with the hat had made it better and promised even more. He let out a loud scream of excitement, and took to the air. Again he thought of Mellie’s Unreal friend. The man with the hat who had upgraded his toys and talked to him as if Viper was a little pet. Maybe that’s why Mellie was acting so irrationally. Mellie’s interactions recently had been even more illogical and inefficient – spending time doing nothing – and then suddenly it became very efficient when the man with the hat wasn’t around.

I will go and get Mellie’s Unreal pet back. Viper decided while swooping to steal some of the guns from the Unreal people hiding behind their ground platform. He squeezed the weapons in his talons and dropped them racking up lots of points. Maybe her Unreal pet would make Mellie better, and then the Guardians wouldn’t need to monitor her any more_. More of the Unreal were showing up – faster than he was able to distract them, this seemed to be a miniboss. Some of them weren’t fighting, instead they were just running up to Mellie and then running away with the little rfid tokens. These were prizes, but Mellie was handing out the prizes to all the people. Mellie was searching for one specific prize – but they all looked the same to him. She suddenly found what she was looking for, and sent a message to leave. Giving a loud squawk of assent – Viper went to cover Mellie’s escape. The other sprite from the deep also covered her escape. Viper avoided him – he too was scary. The Guardian was lurking, watching, hiding in the deep monitoring her. I have to find her pet. That will make Mellie happy again_.

After they were safe, Viper sent his beloved Pterodactyl to a very high altitude holding pattern – stretching the limits of its small body to be undetectable by sensors below, where it could soak up the sun and glide on the updrafts. Flittering back into the matrix, he sought out Mellie._ I’m going to go and do a thing I’ll be back soon._ He curled close to try to give his support for Mellie, and then vanished into the Matrix – seeking out the man in the hat.

>LOG_STOP_REC// [….2075-03-13 19:23:\\v1PER_the_L337_aWEs0m3_S4uCE]

Machina Ex Deus
The Machine from God, Seedling closed her mouth.


The Best Man: There was a time when a bride didn’t get much choice about who she married, so a groom would bring his strongest and most trusted friend in case the bride would decide to run away. He was also there for weddings where the bride’s family were against the union and might try to stop the wedding and break up the happy couple. The word ‘Best’ refers to his skill with a sword, although we doubt many modern best men would be very useful with one. The best man stands guard next to the groom right up through the exchange of vows just in case he’s needed.

One of my former running team, Khanzir used to shake his head and shiver with horror at the new, strange, and terrifying ways in with meta humanity had dreamed up and built ways of killing each other. Khanzir, came from Egypt and had grown up watching desert wars, in the flesh as a boy. So, the Orc, really understood what the price is in lives for ‘unbridled creativity’

Khanzir is one of those that died when the drek, hit the turbine engine. But, this would be on of those that would make him shiver.

It began like these things always do, with a matix-text. It was March 15th from a Mr. Johnson. Well, Mr. J to be precise. He is

Konbanwa Twenty Two. I see you have received my message. I was hoping I would be hearing from you. I don’t think it’s a secret that Mr Vork is also paying close attention to you. This job comes through Aleksander Triskan – you remember him? Even though he would be a competitor for Mr Vork’s work – he is rather desperate which is why his pay is so well. And that would work out for you – who dare I say is in a desperation to receive pay. I could set up your meet at the Hotel, but he would expect your team to be hot.

So, I needed a team.

I had been working on pulling a team together. Some are a part of a team that came from ‘someplace’ else and know each other. Some like Seedling are local, and others like Adrestia are not really known well enough to be trusted.

L.A. (giliagan) Twenty-Two Vertigo(Mary Ann)) Dr, Jeep (Professor) Adrestia Mellie Seedling

Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2015 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Leads

Twenty Two
Mr Johnson – Good work – and it looks like your new team is sizing up. Listen – I know you need the cash and you need it fast. There is this risky job that is coming over the wire. Needs to be turned around quickly- but it’s offering 120k nY with bonus clauses. It’s a smash and capture – although the details are sketchy. [Catapult]

Twenty Two makes a call to Mr. J.



Mr. J

Vtol in TWenty.

Dr, jeep non in service
Mellie automated meaasge

on an airport

mr Marcell

Pull it off with success.

on a plain
older frizy haired man

Dr franz orlaz
Csrion engineer and desite at cyberline armerments
hostile taken over
asste disposed off

Franz did nro take the new employems to well
and location with techniology

cryoden contry club

old cyberline complex
petter disagreements

15 km catapunt

sling variert of weapomg but clean neutron bomb

ucas gold bullion, reserves.


small stike team.

1. Secure the weapon, intact
2. capture franz.


5 pm

10 people loyal to him

souther most is admin

mortherin research

across the golf course

Blackhawk is a elven amindinan and elf.

Hammer, orc Male


A sour celebration
A page in the rise and fall of Dr Jeep

In the morning, Dr Jeep (Or Nicky as he was known to Seedling and Twenty-Two, or Yuri as he was known to Mellie) was feeling the hangover from the drinks and especially from the cheap street drugs he had bought. He thought back to the night before as he took some completely ineffectual painkillers in the bathroom and washed his face.

Bolstered by the success of their two missions, he thought if any time was time to celebrate – this was it. He had stopped off on the way back to pick up take out food, and then on impulse, picked up some mild party-drugs from the dealer he had met near the apartment. He remembered how incredible Mellie looked – she had dressed up for his home-coming. As she got herself ready for their dinner, he cracked the ampules of day-glo orange liquid and had liberally spread it over the fusion-asian dinner.

The rest of the night was a euphoric blur of food, images from old movies and Mellie – her smiling and laughing in an uncharacteristic manner. He woke up still dressed laying across the couch. He was alone. Searching the house, he found Mellie back in her room. She was still dressed and sprawled out across her bed in an uncharacteristically haphazard fashion – as if she had just fallen there and fallen asleep. She seemed paler than normal – but Mellie was generally quite pale.

He came close to check her – she was breathing. It wasn’t sleeping, but that very deep breathing – when she was decked in.. or when she was in that resonance place that she’d go to. He searched around the apartment for his AR glasses and slipped them on – expecting to find a note from her, or to find copies of her working on various projects. She was gone. No messages were left, and even the seemingly ever-present sprites that would follow wherever she went were gone.

Taking off the glasses he felt a gnawing doubt picking at him. No message, no.. anything. To anyone else – they may have just assumed it was typical Mellie. Yuri knew better. He finally decided on leaving a message in the local network for Mellie. I’m going to work on the car for abit. I’ll be back later

At the yard, Yuri was mildly annoyed that Seedling was shunning him. At the best of times she was a chatterbox, so her distraction with focusing on the poofy elf and her run suited him fine. It gave him time to focus on his thoughts and focus on the car. The deep racing green candy-coat paint job had dried, and as he removed some of the protective tape around the trip, the car practically glowed.

He glanced across the room, seeing the very empty spot where the huge Pterodactyl had been. It had managed to get out of the garage and had left in the night. After what had happened, and what the reaction whenever Mellie woke up, he wasn’t surprised that Viper had left. His sense of regret and shame at what he had done was growing. An aching his body identified as hunger finally brought him back from working on the car, and he decided to take it out – to bring home an apology dinner and make things up with Mellie.

Walking out of the garage, he noticed that Seedling was already gone – probably off to do her meet with the elf. He shrugged. Returning to bring the Maserati to life, he drove the flashy car out of the junkyard, heading to a Thai place to pick up some take-home. The entire time he was searching for what to say to her. When she had been upset before – she had said something or lashed out – like the time with the taser. This was something else. He didn’t quite know how to take it – he just knew that he had to fix it.

Climbing up the steps, he entered the entry-code and entered their small flat. All the lights were off and instantly Yuri felt a pit in the bottom of his stomach. The place felt.. empty. Cold. Alone.

He dropped the bag off at the table, walking through the rooms. Mellie had gathered up a good deal of her stuff and taken it with her. There were a couple things left behind.. but that’s all it felt like. Left behind. She had even collected most of the medkits… leaving several of the injections of pain-killers. A clear message.. pointing right at his drug problem.

They had never talked about it – but it was clear that she had been fully aware. He had one last chance.

Picking out his commlink, he thumbed the quick-dial for Mellie. No matter where she was – she was always there to take a call. Heck as part of her ability to split herself – even if she was busy she would be online to take his call. It didn’t even go to an automated avatar to take a message. It just disconnected.

Yuri let his arm drop. He tossed the commlink on the table. And then thinking about it.. there was so much incriminating evidence on it. He reached to first delete the memory, and then reaching in, he took out the iso-optical memory chip and crushed it. That would at least keep LA and Seedling and Vertigo and anyone else of his prior associations safe if someone got this.

Leaving the phone on the table beside the bags of Thai food, he turned and walked out the door. His pockets still had the two certified cred-sticks from those last two minor runs. It was enough to get out of town.

The Maserati started with a roar, and the old nearly untraceable car took off down the street.
Aimless, Yuri tried to keep calm, but the emotions were boiling up inside of him. He slammed his hand down on the retro-styled steering wheel – the car was too low-tech to have rigger controls. He couldn’t just jack in and leave the shell of his body behind.

“This is all your fault, you Dolbo yeb!” he swerved to avoid a car waiting at a set of lights and tore through the intersection. Crossing cars detected his car and dutifully avoided the green car driving erratically – sending warning messages to the Grid-Link control centers.

Yuri accelerated and drove away, turning down back alleys behind some businesses to try to break the predicting logic and avoid any police.

“Ostyn’ Ostyn’… Get ahold of yourself..” he forced himself to breathe, but his mind was screaming at him.

He knew he was trying to cut down, but he knew one quick way to fix the overloading emotions.. one way to fix it before this state drove him to do something truly reckless. He redirected his car into the seedy part of town, heading into the places where his car stuck out like a sore thumb. Although this suited him well.. only the reckless.. or the truly dangerous.. would flaunt such affluence in such a neighborhood. Yuri was both.

Stopping by some bikers who were outside a burnt out business, he left the car running, getting out and walking up. The go-gangers looked over the man walking up towards them. One talked, “Hey Chummer. I think you took a wrong turn somewhere.. now it’s gonna cost you.”

Yuri furrowed his brow, “I don’t have time for your street-wise bullshit. I want to make a deal. You carrying?”

The assembled group chuckled, one commenting to another. “Oh man.. he’s a tweaker..” to which his buddy replied directly to Yuri.. “You jonesin’, boy?” the group chuckling as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a gun.

The leader raised a hand to indicate for his crew to settle down. He then regarded Yuri, “Maybe.. although we’ve still not covered your toll for driving such a fine car in our neighborhood..”

Yuri could feel his body starting to tense. Forcing his actions to remain slow and calm, he reached into his pocket, pulling out one of the credsticks. Thumbing the ‘total’ contact, it displayed a glowing blue 3,782 n¥. Predictably all their eyes were on the credstick, which he then dropped.

Not holding back his wired reflexes anymore, he lashed forward, grabbing at the pistol which the ganger had drawn while at the same time reaching for the long dreadlocks of the gang leader. He was able to wrestle the gun away from the surprised ganger, flicking off the safety as he brought it against the neck of the gang leader. The credstick hit the sidewalk.

The group stepped back and started to draw their guns, while the leader flailed his arms, and then quickly shook his head. It was obvious this tweaker had been augmented, and was easily twice as fast as the rest of the mundanes gangers. The leader tried to reach behind him, but then when the gun was pressed deeper against his neck he stopped struggling and talked instead, “Woah…woah..calm down chummer..listen..we’re just drekking with ya.. put your guys away..” the last statement at his crew who slowly lower their guns.

Yuri tried to keep his body from twitching..right now the wrong twitch and he would need to see if his machismo could follow through with taking on four armed gangers – even if they weren’t augmented. He spoke softly, “How about we try again.. are you holding?”

The leader reached into his pockets, pulling out a couple baggies which he dropped to the ground.. “That’s it chummer…”

Yuri jabbed the gun deeper..“And the guns..drop them.”

The gangers frowned..but at the nodding of their leader, several handguns joined the group on the ground.

“Now step back.” Yuri waited for the gangers to take several steps back before reaching to push the leader away, aiming the pistol at him as he lowered and first pocketed the stash, before collecting the pistols and tossing them in the front seat of the car. He left the credstick.. “There we go..see.. I knew you could be reasonable.”

A couple thousand for some drugs and several heavy pistols. He knew he could have just ripped them off – but he didn’t want to burn bridges. Backing away, he jumped into the car, pocketing the pistol in his inner coat pocket as he peeled away from the gangers.

There was one way to bury the deep feelings of regret and loss and shame. Peeling back the covering of the dermal patch, he slapped on one of the skin-patches of drugs he had stolen from the gangers, and as a euphoric calm descended over him, he gunned the engine to head the Maserati out of town.

-22° and Snow Showers
How I found a new team (log 2)

I had my Matrix meet, with Mr. J.

I did talk

It’s not much, but he could let slip through a job to retrieve a missing S-K asset who went awol.


Lance COrparlar brent hunter
Line soldier from saderl Krupp
Two days
droped ottawa nation foret
drop corrodanate
missed the extraction
tagger or tracher
rumour to have been disgruntele
suspected deserted.
75 precent death
Savana state forest

Gwendolyn; [Metamorphesis] – low pay, and needs to be done quickly. A quick delivery run into the prison, pays 25k, although there are also 12k of bonus clauses

heather clomn
daught promimte cilivi rights astivits, suffer debility type 2 surge.
gene supression thereapy
barens, a dive
guards, lone start

Mision bonus
No harm, No caualitics

3089 ulesses street ne

Mount carmel luteran church

Absolute zero
"How I botched my affairs, so poorly that i lived." (One)
−273.15° Celsius.

“Absolute zero is the lower limit of the thermodynamic temperature scale, a state at which the enthalpy and entropy of a cooled ideal gas reaches its minimum value, taken as 0.”

I began my deal with two shoes, a crack shadowrun team, a sleek streeter pistol, a commlink full of friends, an experimental HVAR vehicle weapon system, and a buyer. A nice buyer, with a war to fight in Amazonia, and a in exhaustible bank account of NuYen for shinny military hardware to help them stave off the aggression of Aztlan.

Some one had tipped off Ares, Aztechnology, Wuxing, a thrill gang, my team, and the government, and my nice simple sale was reduced to a six way fire fight.

Mr. Hong’s prototype was lost, and seized by UCAS forces

My buyer fled screaming about a double cross.

My team geeked, or captured.

All three corps blaming me and each other for their failure to capture the prototype.

The gangers that captured me and took my commlink and nice new shine pistol.

I am not really sure where my right shoe ended up.

So I spent the loneliest and longest night in the back if a shot up van. I will not lie, this was a colossal screw up. My friends were dead. My deal was fracked. The people who backed the deal are out of pocket. The old man will be disappointed.

I did not even have the good fortune to die, beside my team. If the ganger’s had not tied my up, quite so tightly, i would tried to fix that.

Sometime after struggling with my restraints to the point of exhaustion, my adrenaline gave out and I collapsed into dark cold embrace of sleep.

I work up in the same condition, i went to sleep in. one shoe on, bound, cold and alone. The only difference, was the truck was being dragged somewhere.

when it came to a stop, and eventually a smiling dwarf-child pried up enough of the plates to discover me. Well, no she had shape, so she was only short, not a child at all. She was happy and chatty, and eventually noticed the gag and restraints, an let me go.

Her name was Seedling. She had that warm country charm, and enough suntan to mark her as a farmer stock, with a genuine smile.

She in turn introducted me to Nikolai. I am guessing he is some kind of rigger, or mechanic. thin to the point of gaunt on places, dark hair and quiet intense eyes.

So theses gangers, swapped me to square their debt. Player to game piece in twelve hours.

With a few smiles, and a some polite small talk, i managed to get Nikolai to spot me his phone, and a lift to the nearby stuffershack to get a new set of shoes. I guess he thinks, i can open doors for him locally, as he seems to be from out of town.

I took great care to walk Miss Seedling to her apartment. I met two her three roommates, a posh almond eyed elf and a pleasant looking human. Miss Seedling seems to have no trouble with the fair metahumans. I did get her number.

Then i ended up at Nikolai’s place, and i made some calls.

So, the world in the runner community is i am a dangerous team killing screw up. So, that cuts my ability to recruit new people, to nill.

The Corps are are accusing each other of stealing the prototype. Well, they do not realize the Government scooped it, you see.

Some of my people will talk to me.

Oh, yeah, I have two months pay back Mr Hong two million NuYen. Mr. Hong lost face, so i expected at least one million.

Most, distressing. Mr. J tells me the old man is pissed.

I also met Nikolai’s wife. Some AR binger nurse. But, based on the med supplies Nikolai is a ampers binger.

I arranged for a taxi home, and much to my surprise people offered me work.

Rex: He has a job – needs to know your acceptance right away – can’t give you any details until you accept. pays modest

Mr J It’s not much, but he could let slip through a job to retrieve a missing S-K asset who went awol.

Gwendolyn low pay, and needs to be done quickly. A quick delivery run into the prison, although there are also bonus clauses

Gwendolyn higher pay, but with greater risk and potential for repercussions. involves drawing out and testing the armed strength of a local gang

I picked two and three. Lets go recruit a team.

"Lying Low" "Not Cannon"

“God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best.” – Voltaire

François-Marie Arouet or Voltiare as is known, was an writer, historian and philosopher famous for his wit, his attacks on the established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and separation of church and state. His championed the unjustly persecuted people, and his satire tended to enrage the contemporary leaders of his day, so in his latter life he took to living near border of Lorraine which was an independent province at the time. It was a refuge for Voltaire who could cross the border if he was pursued by the authorities.

While he held a few distinctly, parochial views, like Polygenism. A theory of human origins positing that the human races are of different origins. This is opposite to the idea of monogenic, which posits a single origin of humanity. It quaint idea, in retrospect, given that in 2011 elves and dwarves born from human parents, as the magic flowed back into the world.

You may wonder about why all this sudden interest in Voltaire, a guy who wrote about faith, reason tolerance and poked satirical distain at the rules of his day the small and ineffective bourgeoisie, the parasitic and corrupt aristocracy, the ignorant and superstitious commoners as , and the oppressive and ridged Church. Voltaire did wisely distrust democracy, which he saw as propagating the idiocy of the masses.

Well, Reuben Soddy Bermondsey the successor to the stigmatized and lamented, but long serving Elias Winter is not keeping up his old buying habits. So, I am reduced to reading 1600 century French philosophers, as their work is available a free download through the local public library. So it is “Candide” over “On War” . Voltiare before Carl von Clausewitz.

If i start muttering about all about “the best of all possible worlds”, perhaps i would be time to change authors, as would have missed the point and the conclusion of the work outlining the argument about free will, suffering and absence of a world maximized for the most good and the least evil.

If that were the genuine case, I would be at a loss to explain my existence.

As, i am living quietly in the pastoral shadow of the Sader-krupp Ajax International Airport, having exchanged my Japaneses style suits of the grey and brown wraps of the local fashion and eating surplus Amaziona manufactured MREs. That is not to say that i have been Idle, only that I am looking to wrap up the loose ends before leaving town.

I have order ‘the Shinigami of Cats’, a custom piece of art, in the function of a heavy revolver. A black and mele hardened , with a skeleton paw pint on butplate of the grip, that echos the bones of cats chrome escutcheons and embellishments, and the genuine horn stock.

It is a idea, that i might need such a flashy pistol is an idea that i borrowed from the Don.

Shinigami, as the Japanese interpretation of the Western idea of the Grim Reaper. So, I was thinking that, the Shinigami of Cats, is the reason why Cats, are perceived to have many lives. The Shinigami of Cats is lazy, and reluctant to leave the comfort of her Sunbeam, to prosecute the cats that make an accidental mistake here and there. It is only when the cat in question, taunts the Shinigami of Cats, that her pride will force her to move from her cozy spot and collect the transgressor.

All theatrics aside, it is suppose to be a scary memorable weapon, such that people will recognize me from seeing it on my hip. While, almost any pistol will do. If you can hit your target, almost any firearm will do the trick.

When i hinted at a lose to explain my existence, I am feeling it for another reason.

I guess it can be distilled down to “what now?”

The Red Queen, as best as i can tell, did not succeed in calling forth her Master. My people, If i can used the conceit, all survived. Even the one that, floating in hot-sim in the back of an autocab. Eventually, her body turned up still in the back of the Autocab. Then after a while the rest of her found its’ way back from her walk about in the deep.

I blew up the place i was keeping myself and my stuff. I sort of lost the weird respectably that being there brought. I lost some stuff, I kept there as well.

And Now, I am living temporarily here. Here being where shadowrunner’s who are temporarily over drawn on their luck, end up. I am getting the feel that maybe i should leave town for a while, at least untill the heat over the MCT, Subway and Flashing of the Square burn out.

So in no particular order these are the things i should be doing, in some

The easiest is always equipment. Recently, it has come to my attention that, in a fire fight, the team is not the best at putting ‘rounds on target’. This was made apparent, with the loss of Wolf and the ‘absenteeism’ of Mariner. While, Torc has displayed an exceptional combat ability, I do not know if he will be with us long term. So a force multiplication combat drone would be very handy. Wuxing Hussar would be scary option, but, I am not going to be able to find one just lying about. Lone Star Strato-9, with a modified Area Alpha would be a good choice for the role. Then when one became available stepping up to a light minigun, and some Anti vehicle rounds.

In addition a ‘Limousine’ for operations in Miami would be very handy, for business and for business. A transporter, similar to a Bulldog, a gopher or a Gaz would be handy. I was thinking about getting a sports car, but, i should probably hold off until next year.

There is the odd issue of upgrading the armor I use on runs to something, better able to absorb a hit. I am not saying go full samurai heavy armor, but a something a bit tougher then a vest or a my heavy coat. I have some ideas i want to explore.

with two exceptions I have enough firearms. but, maybe a traditional Diasho might be interesting. Though, it would be more of a vanity item then something could run with. Then there is the constant bullets, bandages and consumables that also need to be replaced or upgraded.

In regards to Stuff that is more personal, I am considering upgrading my arms. Either getting something more Bio Compatible to try and deal with the phantom limb. And If I am going to keep in the business, I will need to keep my chips in the game, if you can forgive the pun. There are upgrades, enhancements and newer models there are options now, that simply did not exist when my arms were first manufactured.

Before i Leave, making the assumption that the heat will not blow over, before someone finds me, i need to try to pull together some people and have a talk as there are several people that need some personal attention, including Dr. Jeep, The McVannier Family and Emily. Also other people might need to be kept in the loop, to avoid the loss of carefully developed relationships.

Emily. Ascension dismissed her as a human drone, but, Ascension missed the possibility and opportunities that a loyal secretary may provide. When the fire and drek came to visit the square, I put a narcojet dart into her and sent her away from square. I made sure she was out of the live fire zone. Well, She kept the faith. She sat through a Lonestart interrogation, then a Knight Errand interrogation, and did not spill her guts. I think there is a future for her, as one of my friends. I now have to find a place for her, to help replace the one I reduced to rubble.

On the other side of the coin, there is Patricia MacVanier. What can you say about a Woman, who may have killed of her own twin, in order to ensure her own hold on power. She knows about us, as she made Chance an offer, to make some of her problems go away. We we not previously engaged to do the opposite, the money offered was extreme.

Despite the fact the the team worked for her sister, we know little about her, other then she is the younger twin. I think it was this fundamental inequity of birth order that provided her dark push for advancement at any price. Imaging missing not being the “Heir”, by minutes of birth order.

We recovered a lost item for Her older sister and assisted with her and the items departure from the Metroplex.

While, I kept an media rule open on both sisters. The local Sister has been quietly consolidating her power, while the sister abroad is having trouble on the run. The sister called me when she was on the run. I suspect that is one of the ways that her sisters agents found her.

The Heir was poorly equipped for world outside of her protected and pampered fishbowl.

The ability to order a killing is no indicative of Patricia making the big time, as any two bit ganger can pull that. But, it is further evidence of a consolidation of her direct power. It also represents either a level of sophistication, or access to a level of sophistication that indicates the consolidation is near completion.

While she has made no move against me personally, she was secondary to the issues surrounding the red queen. I did not engage with Patricia, as no one was paying me, but, I suspect as with any Sororicide, the guilty conscious or the desire to clean up loos ends will eventually point her in my direction.

Napoleon Bonaparte. apparently a fan of Volataire’s Edipus, is quoted as “There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind.”

So now that the red Queen has had a set back, I need to set up a plan.

1. Step one observer. The most efficient way to lose a battle is to act with out understanding your enemy.

2. Step two: engage them in Waging War.on your terms.

3. step three impose your will on you enemy make for their weak points, through the use of stratgedy.

4. Step four find the boss and figure out how to hurt him or her.

5. Create and Seize opportunities, as they multiply when used.

To be honest, I need to investigate the whole family, as in all honesty, this might be a play by some thrid party.
Aircraft carriers exist to operate aircraft.

The Miami Market.

I would like to be know as one of those old-time bad guys with honor and morals, which made him almost one of the good guys. But, the high up you go the harder it is to tell the good from the bad

The “typical” runner team is not equipped for, nor paid for, nor interested in, engaging in a stand-up firefight with anyone. That’s not what you hire runners for.
In short, bows are great – if you have a plan for how to use them. They’re a waste otherwise.

1. Where do I go now? I can stay here and hope the mess blows over. But, I think it might be easier to leave town either temporarily or permanently? Then there is the choice of where to go? Seattle? Neo-Tokoyo? Denver? New York? Boston? Minneapolis?


Not an uncomplicated to do list.

LA's After Action Report : Twelve

“Tell my tale to those who ask it. Tell it truly, the good and the bad, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest… is silence. " Dinobot, “Beasties” (1996)

So. In times of crisis it is not uncommom for Penal military brigades, to be formed. Prisoners, or criminals at large were offered “amnesty” or some kind of deal to redeem themselves by being sent out as cannon fodder. It was last seen in the Euro wars.

The French Foreign Legion was famous for not asking too many questions of its recruits. Those who survived their tour of duty were rewarded with French citizenship and new identities, so this was a possible exit from a life of crime. Nowadays they have tightened up their recruiting policy and no longer accept known criminals.

As a cautionary footnote, Criminal convicts generally proved to be very reliable and trustworthy, while political convicts were liable to defect.

That is what working for ascension is like.

My own private penal brigade.

When it starts to get dark and you realized you have no place to go. it is not a good feeling. I had been living at the square, to deal with that feeling. But, this security came at a price. Part of that is a choice I made to buffer between Ascension and the rest of the team, and part of that came from the desire for a warm dry place, with a shower.

It was better then the sleeping arrangements I had in my car.

In light of recent developments, that needed to be readjusted, once Ascension revealed her master plan. It answered the question, what does this AI want. She had access to nearly inexhaustible funds. She had been methodically building toward bringing back Deus. Her time line had been stepped up, but, the Ares Theft, the Hardware, the recruiting and building of a Shadow running team. All of it was toward the advancing of her goal.

She wants me to lead the defence of the Square, during the recompiling. Vertigo to spear head the magical defences. Mellie to sacrifice her sprites and herself to open the way. Once again the technomancers, are being used as part of Deus design to emerge. I wonder how coincidental, finding Lolo, was in retrospect.

I have military saying for you: if they wanted it done right the first time, they wouldn’t have come to me. Gauss rounds are particularly disruptive to integrated electronics, as they are magnetically charged slugs. It was that and the semi automatic action that made it a better choice then the more physically destructive, but, single shot Vigorous Assault Cannon. If things were not to my liking, I could shell the specual projects room, hopefully in time to prevent Deus from escaping onto the Matrix.

We had a small untapped arsenal in Ares manufactured UCAS military hardware. We did not talk about it. We did not use it in field operations. I suppose we could have on several occasions, but I wanted to save it for this day. Armour, Heavy weapons, drones, and pistols all still in their crates, waiting like dragon’s teeth to be planted.

It will be an open fight against several Mega Corps, Ares, MCT, and Renraku. Public Awareness is the price for this job. Elias Winter will not be able to buy a bus ticket after this, with out some back end flagging that name as being wanted for questioning or possibly as a wanted terrorist.

Against, that collection of adversaries there is no way to win in a toe to toe. So we fight this asymmetrically.

In the last season od Desert Wars. A striker team from EVO, a firm more known for it work on advancing meta humanity then known for it’s beefy military, held an oasis blocking the advance of a much larger and better equipped force of three battalions plus supporting elements, from Wuxing. The two major stages of fighting the engagement in the North African desert. The Wuxing leader never committed the resources necessary to achieve a victory. Only when the issue was nearly settled did it assume real significance in the mind of the Wuxing leader. It was in my desert wars season highlight clips.

The technique is to hit with enough force to keep the opponent off balance, and to force them to fight on the theater of your choosing.

I had flagged Vertigo to remove anything she valued from the square, as the Square is place. Vertigo began work on the wards.

I still prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

I had a talk with Mellie. She understands the stakes. She is an opener, of a different sort.

When at the square, I have always publically deferred to Madam Chairwoman. All the staff know she is the boss. The Mastermind that called the operation. When the dust settles, I may be cast as Madam Chairwoman. top enforcer. Maybe a smart, detail-oriented administrators who oversee the day-to-day running of the evil organization. But, the heavy thinking and the dream to bring back Deus is all Madam Chairwoman. I will not say I am only following orders, but, I cast myself as merely the leader of Madam Chairwoman’s minions when Madam Chairwoman isn’t around.

I spoke to Emily. I tried to explain, but she has never read The Second Coming, William Butler Yeats. I am reminded of Kane, he has a reputation being crazy and a team killer, he typically hops from country to country finding expendable teams to work with. When, I began working at the square, I was never sure to whom Emily owed fealty. So, I began a slow and awkward campaign to turn her to my side. If I had more time, she might have been ready. But, I was out of time, so with her lights out and into a cab ride home.

I sent my car away with a load of things that should not be left as spoils on a battlefield.

Sentry drones with light machine guns, went online.

Vertigo and I dressed in Light Military grade armour. Bulky, and not subtitle, but the armor was probably lighter then the type worn by the troops arrayed against us.

Then I began reinforcing the doors with the freeze foam ‘Glop’. When I served, I had used Barrier Foam. This was a milder product, that I could repurpose to use that way.

The timer ticked down.

Torq and Dr. Jeep were in position.

Somewhere deep in the resonance, a place well beyond my reach in the matrix, at a place so deep that those who can travel there call it heaven, ascension relayed that opening of the way was beginning. It was bright sunny day, with a gentle wind from the west. It could have been mistaken for an ordinary day, until strike teams arrived.

The timer ticked down.

Last minute instructions to Vertigo, to be out the back door as soon as the outer “wall” was opened. Torc available to cover her escape, and had Dr. Jeep ready to make a get away. She should make it though the day, given those odds.

There is a case containing twenty packed Ares Light Fire 70 pistols and a case of Heimdal missiles, sitting in the special projects room. To be found to link Ascension with the Ares theft. Neatly beside it is a ARES branding military helmet taken from the body of a trooper on the last run. It will survive being inside the inner walls as planned. Ares should be upset at Ascension, after this.

They broke though the wall, and I dropped back, and sent the signal for Vertigo to exit.

I was not leaving yet, I was going to hold the position, deliberately in the building, and stayed in the building as long as I can. I was to hold the defenses until the timer ran down.

Sprits rushed in to attack the special project room wards, followed by drones to help dismantle my glop barriers.

I dropped back, and blew the front off the building. It was a deterrent so they are going to be cautious, and angry that Ascension cost them.

The timer ticked down.

I work up the rest of my drones, and brought online the rest of my explosives.

The timer ticked down.

I gathered the Gauss RIfle, and the HVAR.

The Ares Vigourous Assault Cannon, is left ready to be found by the post event investigation. I would have loved to have taken it but, this next step required mobility and two heavy weapons is recipe for reduced mobility. It was also in theory easier to replace then the gauss rifle.

The timer ticked down.

The timer ticked down.

Then the unexpected happened.

Ascension fled and burned the agent commlink. This was my cue to leave.

I have deliberately left enough ARES weapons and an ARES branding military helmet behind, so they will know Ascention’s operation was the one that stole them. Thus making Ares twice as mad at her.

Ascension is on record as the Chairwoman, funded the operation, Mr. Winter (now flagged as a Terrorist) was her clearly her subordinate, so by extension she is directly implicated as the ‘Mastermind’ behind the operation.

I do not know what the AI equivalent of lying low is, but Ascension will have to do it.

Even while leaving, I deliberately flattened the square except for the special project room. flashy, destructive and hopefully expensive for all the megacorps involved so they are motivated to follow up on Ascension.

In a trid, just blowing something up isn’t enough, proof of one’s apparent badass bombing technique can be seen when the bomber leaves himself barely enough time to escape the blast radius, usually just enough so that as he’s walking away, he’s silhouetted by the explosion itself

Well, that is not me. I had a near fatal explosion. The shock wave from the detonation blew me off my feet and into several immovable things.

But, due to the armour I survived and I staggered away the confusion.

When I was safe, I sent “shāh māt” (the King is dead) to the team so they knew.

“If crimefighters fight crime and firefighters fight fires, what do freedom fighters fight?” —George Carlin

So should if you happen to meet the terrorist Elias Winter, remember he is dangerous, especially to himself.

LA's After Action Report : Eleven

" In the end, what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No. A man chooses; a slave obeys. " – Andrew Ryan , BioShock, 2007

“Conscripts make good cannon fodder, but for officers we need volunteers.” – Colonel Hyrum Graff, Ender’s game

We were offered a wet-work, Ending a retired Aztenchnology Magus, out in Sept-Îles, République du Québec. Get, Drop a larger hammer and leave. It Chilled Vertigo Cold. She balked at the job based on the company. I could have forced her hand, but, that is not how I want it to be in the team.

I am not a dictator and the team is not a dictatorship. I am not appointed by some God, King, CEO or outside authority, so It is not up to me to force people, until they themselves are ready. What we do is voluntary, as we take inordinate and disproportionate risks for money. Yes, I could have taken the job, and maybe with a car bomb or a well placed bullet been able to collect, but my odds are not good with out the support of a trusted mage.

I am not worried about her fixation Aztechnology. I’ll tell you why. We will eventually run against Aztechnology, sooner then later. There are things in play that will force that confrontation, hopefully it will be a glancing blow so that she does not loose her ability to focus when it happens. When the time comes, Vertigo, will have a chance to find out that her personal boogieman, is made up metahumans. If we are lucky, she will be remember that people bleed and burn.

I am worried tough, that If we keep turning down run from our fixer, he will eventually stop offering us runs.

But, we were lucky.

We found a different Job.

Recover a “magic” artifact from a “ghost train”. Serious stuff, not some tri-flicker in the corner of your eye.

The story is there is a disused lower bay station, that is used as a trid and feelie location. Arriving at intervals, a ghost train will appear accompanied by a electromagnetic disruption, the interference with complex electronics. On that train is a magic thing, allegedly made by a spike magus. Several someones, want it, including some one willing to pay us the recover it.

We did our bit of legwork, and followed up on a few leads.

Ares, as part of their magical community work, has a speaker at Trurrt this week presenting a lecture series the link between fiction, magic and madness. That could be normal except their retinue is about the size and composition of a magical threat hunter company, rather then more modest speaker, press agent, security detail and personal assistant.

MCT was still sniffing about the Oshawa barrens, looking for leads. They were laying out corpscript, for bounty hunters, and scnitches to shake the trees to see if we would fall out. Having a matrix leviathan surface at one of their facilities during a property theft, is enough to make them spend some time to try and figure out what the issue might be all about.

We found a bunch of trid techs that survived a close encounter with the ‘ghost train’, and escaped. They were apparently trying to hide out in the Don River Wilds. We walked in put a narcojet dart into the three targets, and were preparing to leave, when an Ares Heavy Threat response team, complete with APCs arrives.

To be polite, we scatter. Mellie and Dr. Jeep end up one way. Vertigo and I end or another. We loose one of the three subjects. Dr. Jeep looses his hat. Dr. Jeep survives by calling in a favour from an unknown Drone rigger. It was not a disaster, but clearly not a success.

It turns out Mellie, can be influenced through her pride. It did toke some work familiarizing her with pistols, to smooth out some of her feathers. She was upset being sent into the recovery mission with a loaded taser. Mellie, and possibly all Technomancers can see and interface with smartlink. Reminder to pick up a dumb M1911 browning, just in case.

In speaking with the techs we did manage to hold onto, the Magic “artifact” is most likely in the “conductors compartment”. Either the train or the artifact does mess wilt complicated electonics, including Matrix and commlinks. The train was effectively empty when they were on board. The oddest fact of the encounter, was the train “de-materialized” or vanished up from under them once it had left the station.

The were very shaken up, were suffering from dehydration and had heavy metal poisoning, from drinking water from the don.

This was a successful field test of the Drone doc.

Then I dumped them at the local medical center, where they can get checked out, and hopefully reintegrated into their former lives.

Ares, as they have the third witness, knows what we know.

This whole recovery of witnesses, changed how we approach the run. Dr. Jeep was under wards, waiting for Ares to try and cook him with a ritual magic strike though his hat. He has a “ride” for us and after the fun in the don valley, wants to cover the “exfiltration”. He is nervous about being out of his vehicle.

Torque, literally resurfaced from his walk about in the subway and underground talking to the Orc communities that live there. He is not integrated into he team yet, and has not made arrangements to have his calls answered while he was on his walk about. He is ready, and If we are going to go head to head with Ares on this run He will be a critical piece of our side.

Vertigo took time out to ward up Dr. Jeep, and has pulled together her spirits to be ready.

Mellie found Faraday mesh cloth. enough to cover the getaway ride, and make piece for my arms and “body cover” for herself. We also made sure this time she has rounds for her Taser.

I field stripped, cleaned and lubed my Ingram. It is my choice as it is small and sneaky but, still packs the hitting power of burst fire. I put additional rounds in the getaway, and an assault rifle to provide a heavy answer should it be needed.

Theses last few runs have been noisy. Usually, a shadowrun is a covert move paid for by one Mr. Johnson representing a Megacorp or other interested party in a war against each other, with us the Shadowrunners being the deniable assets that the corps call upon to do their dirty work. Recently, we have been loud, and drawn significant attention due to being destructive or flashy. Part of that was the jobs we were given. Mega vandalism. Matrix intrusions.

This New run is very much like that, bringing us into open confrontation with the “deniable assets” or liveried minion of one or more Mega corporations.

So we arrive at the right time, at the right place in the right uniforms, with the right identity piece, with the gear that fits the plan. I add a few mentions of the words “devil rats infestation”, and we get into position. passed the Knight Errant site security.

There is already a “film crew” onsite.

The clock ticks down, and agents of Aztechnology, Ares and another runner crew, that was the film crew all converge.

The Ares folks blocked the tunnel with a train.

Wars and military campaigns are guided by strategy, whereas battles take place on a level of planning and execution known as operational mobility.

This battle reduced to an exercise in attrition, and hurting them more then they were able to hurt us. At the end, We wear all hurt, but, we did hurt them more. Burst fire was the right choice, for this run. Even Mellie, discharged her Taser into a target.

It was as open battle, well as open as it shadowrun tend to be.

We recovered the Objective and anyone who came for us, received more then they gave.

LA's After Action Report : Ten
LA's After Action Report(Ten)

“Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of non-combustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving. And they’ll be happy, because facts of that sort don’t change. Don’t give them any slippery stuff like philosophy or sociology to tie things up with. That way lies melancholy.” – Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

It is runs like theses that make me really miss Wolf.

We had slipped up the coast. We had stopped to catch our breath. Well it was actually fish and chips over the border in the Conferderate States. Eldrige was on shore ordering food, and two CAS Coast guard cutters swept down on us. Lights up, and loud speakers blaring. It is standard operations for coast guard to run registration before closing. It give them some idea what kind of mess they have on their hands before they close to assault rifle range. Think of it like a traffic stop on the water, any excuse to stop and roust the usual suspects.

The problem we had with that, is we are in a stolen boat, with assault weapons and the birthday cake was still aboard. If they were close enough to hail us, they knew that we were hot.

We fled and our unfamiliarity with working together showed. At several times, if we had manages to work together rather then against each other, it would not have been as close or required so many complications.

We used thermal smoke grenades. Mad piloting. Mellie’s work. Vertigo’s magic. Not sure we held much back. After a crash, and getting knocked about by high speed sweeper drones. We sorely missed Wolf. those sweepers could hit us at extreme range. We limped into international waters.

I arranged to change ships, and sunk our ride. I dressed up Mellie, hopefully enough to confuse an ID. I finally met Angelfish. I hate having to call in additional resources. We concealed the prize in waterproof stuff sacks.

Vertigo slept off her magic. She pushed herself hard.

Mellie is valuable but, I need more time to get her working as communicating member of the team.

Eldrige is young. Unseasoned.

After floating in international waters, playing go and appeasing a overly aggressive semi-autonomous agent for most of twenty four hours, Afshan Kilbourne came by in his new zeppelin. Lolo is not flying on his crew anymore. His new rig is almost wiped clean of AR and augmented systems. By Design. He avoided the topic. He fingered Mellie as a technomancer. Hopefully my work on the disguise will hold so he will be polite “not be able” to solidly identify her.

I want to know what happened to Lolo. I carried her out of the North. I want to make sure she is safe. Maybe Mellie can take that on. But, how do I get her to share her findings?

Ocean to Zeplin. Zeplin to Lake. Lake to Boat. Boat to cammo-plate truck. Truck to the Square. Ascension cleared Eldrige and Melllie. If it had been my call, I would put an air wall between those two and the square.

Emily was on station. That was odd. 0400 is not her usual working schedule. She is showing a lot of interest in the special project division. Perhaps too much.

Things to include into future planning:
1. “If you are far from the enemy, make him believe you are near.” We need to be better at covering our moves to confuse the enemy. Misdiection, and concealment. Where this applies to us. We steal something, we glass the room to cover it up. When we leave, we pass as traceless as possible.

“It is all about teamwork. If you aren’t able to look after yourself and each other, then people die.” We need to be better at talking to each other so we know what everyone is doing. There were instances where Mellie, was doing things and we had no clue and co not coordinate with her. Eldrige and Vertigo worked against each other trying to get out hull out of the coast. This cost us.

It is time, I need some clear thinking . “Watch your back” is always the first line of the classic proverb. I always watch my back. But, in order to do more I have to have a bigger network. I deal with more people and more people know me. My team has even changed. Wolf, Chance, Silk, Cat, have been rotated through for Ascension, Mariner, Vertigo, Mellie and others. How much will it take for my teammates to sell me out? Who in my second tier would take that piece of candy? Johnsons? I am an expendable and deniable asset, even success is no guarantee of safety as eventually they like to turn over their talent to keep their costs down and their secrets buried. Then there are all the people who are targets of a run. Running means making enemies. The Law counts as well. So, I need a bug out plan or three.

Second line “Shoot straight” does not mean being a straight shooter, or a person who is very honest. It means more then knowing you way around a firearm. Smartlink? is definitely not what counts. Do what you need to do, and do it well. In the immortal works of Tuco “When you have to shoot, shoot; don’t talk.” When to kill? why to kill? When not to kill? In the immortal works of Suntzu “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.”

Third Line “Conserve ammo.” Never blow you whole wad. Carry more ammo then you think you will need. Plan for when things go bad. Have a fallback for when things go from bad to very very bad. Always have fresh back-ups. Write and then burn a plan for the future. Use quiet time to get ready. Sweat in training, to avoid bleeding in the field. Keep at least one backup stash of gear somewhere safe. Make sure you gear has extra socks.

Finally “And never, EVER cut a deal with a dragon.” Dragons are dangerous, cunning, test in the genius end of the curve, live a long time and impossible to outwit. So against a Dragon, you are in over you head. This is a specifically a warning against Dragons. But, also can be expanded into the general case, No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better, faster, stronger, and with more resources than you. A open fair fight will kill you. if your clever, you can influence it, and maybe even bend it. Know your limits, and know your strengths, otherwise you’ll end up making your last deal.

Rebecca MacVanier and Paule “Paulo” Graves are dead. Details are limited. Open Source AK-97s, the most common assault rifle on the planet shooting Amazonian manufactured rounds. That as a style has the tell of a corporate kill squad. This saddens me. But, I did not move to catch the falling knife as I saw it falling, either. What duty do I, an “expendable asset”, owe a Johnson? Justice or Just Us? If I had recruited a team, and flown out to back them, out of my own pocket, Could, I have shifted the odds enough? Or Would I now be a nameless body on the floor at their murder scene? Am I still a loose end? Does Patricia MacVanier fear I might try to be the agent of her undoing? Is it up to me to avenge them?

Viper's Log - 2075_01_28:23:45:04
Anagrams of MELLIE


There are 16 anagrams I can make using five letters of MELLIEs name. I shall state them all: elemi, Ellie, Emile, emile, lemei, lemel, lemli, Lemli, meeli, meile, Meill, Melie, melie, Melli, melli, mille

Sometimes MEELI doesn’t let me play. She says ‘_no viper.. you cannot turn all those pretty lights red. No viper you cannot make the pretend play cars crash together. No viper.. not everyone wants to hear La Crumba played backwards at 2x speed through their commlinks._

Today she said Yes!

I got to play with my favorite toy, my Flying_Death_Monster. And today I was allowed to play the best pretend video game. And MELIE had even made it so the pretend people were actually playing with me.

It started with LEMEI spending way too much time with all those other pretend people. I don’t like them, except the one pretend person who has all the fun toys built into his body. ELLIE says I am not supposed to play with his toys, but if he doesn’t notice then it’s good right?

Then much later.. she pointed to a target in the pretend world. “You take your toy here and have lots of fun, and when I call you, you come back.” OKAY! I can do that.

W…O…A…H B…O…Y…!


The pretend_people_bad_guy would shoot at me, but I was too fast for them. And then they would send other flying_machines_bad_guy, but they were stupid and predictable, and I shot two down. And THEN a big pretend truck that had the signature of one of EMILEs pretend friends came to play – it crashed into the gate and exploded. The graphics were so real as little fragmenty bits flew ALL OVER. I couldn’t track them all!!!! It’s not like the real world where dead things just derez… MELL took alot of time to set up this game… and I love her so much for the treat.

I was looking for more fun to be had when /SHE!/ showed up. I didn’t know if I was in trouble, so I hid. But /SHE!/ seemed like /SHE!/ wanted to play too – although I didn’t like the game much. The flying_machines_bad_guy fell out of the sky, and all of the pretend_people_bad_guy seemed to not be able to see me anymore. The game wasn’t as much fun anymore and even shooting the pretend building which MELLE and her pretend friends spent SOOOOO LOOOONG at didn’t even make me happier.

Then MEELI called me back and I flew back to where she was with her pretend friends (why does she spend SOOOOOO much time with them?) and she was so happy to see me and happy that I barely got Flying_Death_Monster scratched up from all of her pretend games. I even tried to say hi to <!—- but <!— just snarled at me… but it was a happy snarl – I think MILLE let <!—- play games too.

>LOG_STOP_REC// [….2075-01-28 23:45:04\\v1PER_the_L337_aWEs0m3_S4uCE]


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