Out of Toronto 4.0

Absolute zero

"How I botched my affairs, so poorly that i lived." (One)

−273.15° Celsius.

“Absolute zero is the lower limit of the thermodynamic temperature scale, a state at which the enthalpy and entropy of a cooled ideal gas reaches its minimum value, taken as 0.”

I began my deal with two shoes, a crack shadowrun team, a sleek streeter pistol, a commlink full of friends, an experimental HVAR vehicle weapon system, and a buyer. A nice buyer, with a war to fight in Amazonia, and a in exhaustible bank account of NuYen for shinny military hardware to help them stave off the aggression of Aztlan.

Some one had tipped off Ares, Aztechnology, Wuxing, a thrill gang, my team, and the government, and my nice simple sale was reduced to a six way fire fight.

Mr. Hong’s prototype was lost, and seized by UCAS forces

My buyer fled screaming about a double cross.

My team geeked, or captured.

All three corps blaming me and each other for their failure to capture the prototype.

The gangers that captured me and took my commlink and nice new shine pistol.

I am not really sure where my right shoe ended up.

So I spent the loneliest and longest night in the back if a shot up van. I will not lie, this was a colossal screw up. My friends were dead. My deal was fracked. The people who backed the deal are out of pocket. The old man will be disappointed.

I did not even have the good fortune to die, beside my team. If the ganger’s had not tied my up, quite so tightly, i would tried to fix that.

Sometime after struggling with my restraints to the point of exhaustion, my adrenaline gave out and I collapsed into dark cold embrace of sleep.

I work up in the same condition, i went to sleep in. one shoe on, bound, cold and alone. The only difference, was the truck was being dragged somewhere.

when it came to a stop, and eventually a smiling dwarf-child pried up enough of the plates to discover me. Well, no she had shape, so she was only short, not a child at all. She was happy and chatty, and eventually noticed the gag and restraints, an let me go.

Her name was Seedling. She had that warm country charm, and enough suntan to mark her as a farmer stock, with a genuine smile.

She in turn introducted me to Nikolai. I am guessing he is some kind of rigger, or mechanic. thin to the point of gaunt on places, dark hair and quiet intense eyes.

So theses gangers, swapped me to square their debt. Player to game piece in twelve hours.

With a few smiles, and a some polite small talk, i managed to get Nikolai to spot me his phone, and a lift to the nearby stuffershack to get a new set of shoes. I guess he thinks, i can open doors for him locally, as he seems to be from out of town.

I took great care to walk Miss Seedling to her apartment. I met two her three roommates, a posh almond eyed elf and a pleasant looking human. Miss Seedling seems to have no trouble with the fair metahumans. I did get her number.

Then i ended up at Nikolai’s place, and i made some calls.

So, the world in the runner community is i am a dangerous team killing screw up. So, that cuts my ability to recruit new people, to nill.

The Corps are are accusing each other of stealing the prototype. Well, they do not realize the Government scooped it, you see.

Some of my people will talk to me.

Oh, yeah, I have two months pay back Mr Hong two million NuYen. Mr. Hong lost face, so i expected at least one million.

Most, distressing. Mr. J tells me the old man is pissed.

I also met Nikolai’s wife. Some AR binger nurse. But, based on the med supplies Nikolai is a ampers binger.

I arranged for a taxi home, and much to my surprise people offered me work.

Rex: He has a job – needs to know your acceptance right away – can’t give you any details until you accept. pays modest

Mr J It’s not much, but he could let slip through a job to retrieve a missing S-K asset who went awol.

Gwendolyn low pay, and needs to be done quickly. A quick delivery run into the prison, although there are also bonus clauses

Gwendolyn higher pay, but with greater risk and potential for repercussions. involves drawing out and testing the armed strength of a local gang

I picked two and three. Lets go recruit a team.



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