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"Lying Low" "Not Cannon"

“God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best.” – Voltaire

François-Marie Arouet or Voltiare as is known, was an writer, historian and philosopher famous for his wit, his attacks on the established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and separation of church and state. His championed the unjustly persecuted people, and his satire tended to enrage the contemporary leaders of his day, so in his latter life he took to living near border of Lorraine which was an independent province at the time. It was a refuge for Voltaire who could cross the border if he was pursued by the authorities.

While he held a few distinctly, parochial views, like Polygenism. A theory of human origins positing that the human races are of different origins. This is opposite to the idea of monogenic, which posits a single origin of humanity. It quaint idea, in retrospect, given that in 2011 elves and dwarves born from human parents, as the magic flowed back into the world.

You may wonder about why all this sudden interest in Voltaire, a guy who wrote about faith, reason tolerance and poked satirical distain at the rules of his day the small and ineffective bourgeoisie, the parasitic and corrupt aristocracy, the ignorant and superstitious commoners as , and the oppressive and ridged Church. Voltaire did wisely distrust democracy, which he saw as propagating the idiocy of the masses.

Well, Reuben Soddy Bermondsey the successor to the stigmatized and lamented, but long serving Elias Winter is not keeping up his old buying habits. So, I am reduced to reading 1600 century French philosophers, as their work is available a free download through the local public library. So it is “Candide” over “On War” . Voltiare before Carl von Clausewitz.

If i start muttering about all about “the best of all possible worlds”, perhaps i would be time to change authors, as would have missed the point and the conclusion of the work outlining the argument about free will, suffering and absence of a world maximized for the most good and the least evil.

If that were the genuine case, I would be at a loss to explain my existence.

As, i am living quietly in the pastoral shadow of the Sader-krupp Ajax International Airport, having exchanged my Japaneses style suits of the grey and brown wraps of the local fashion and eating surplus Amaziona manufactured MREs. That is not to say that i have been Idle, only that I am looking to wrap up the loose ends before leaving town.

I have order ‘the Shinigami of Cats’, a custom piece of art, in the function of a heavy revolver. A black and mele hardened , with a skeleton paw pint on butplate of the grip, that echos the bones of cats chrome escutcheons and embellishments, and the genuine horn stock.

It is a idea, that i might need such a flashy pistol is an idea that i borrowed from the Don.

Shinigami, as the Japanese interpretation of the Western idea of the Grim Reaper. So, I was thinking that, the Shinigami of Cats, is the reason why Cats, are perceived to have many lives. The Shinigami of Cats is lazy, and reluctant to leave the comfort of her Sunbeam, to prosecute the cats that make an accidental mistake here and there. It is only when the cat in question, taunts the Shinigami of Cats, that her pride will force her to move from her cozy spot and collect the transgressor.

All theatrics aside, it is suppose to be a scary memorable weapon, such that people will recognize me from seeing it on my hip. While, almost any pistol will do. If you can hit your target, almost any firearm will do the trick.

When i hinted at a lose to explain my existence, I am feeling it for another reason.

I guess it can be distilled down to “what now?”

The Red Queen, as best as i can tell, did not succeed in calling forth her Master. My people, If i can used the conceit, all survived. Even the one that, floating in hot-sim in the back of an autocab. Eventually, her body turned up still in the back of the Autocab. Then after a while the rest of her found its’ way back from her walk about in the deep.

I blew up the place i was keeping myself and my stuff. I sort of lost the weird respectably that being there brought. I lost some stuff, I kept there as well.

And Now, I am living temporarily here. Here being where shadowrunner’s who are temporarily over drawn on their luck, end up. I am getting the feel that maybe i should leave town for a while, at least untill the heat over the MCT, Subway and Flashing of the Square burn out.

So in no particular order these are the things i should be doing, in some

The easiest is always equipment. Recently, it has come to my attention that, in a fire fight, the team is not the best at putting ‘rounds on target’. This was made apparent, with the loss of Wolf and the ‘absenteeism’ of Mariner. While, Torc has displayed an exceptional combat ability, I do not know if he will be with us long term. So a force multiplication combat drone would be very handy. Wuxing Hussar would be scary option, but, I am not going to be able to find one just lying about. Lone Star Strato-9, with a modified Area Alpha would be a good choice for the role. Then when one became available stepping up to a light minigun, and some Anti vehicle rounds.

In addition a ‘Limousine’ for operations in Miami would be very handy, for business and for business. A transporter, similar to a Bulldog, a gopher or a Gaz would be handy. I was thinking about getting a sports car, but, i should probably hold off until next year.

There is the odd issue of upgrading the armor I use on runs to something, better able to absorb a hit. I am not saying go full samurai heavy armor, but a something a bit tougher then a vest or a my heavy coat. I have some ideas i want to explore.

with two exceptions I have enough firearms. but, maybe a traditional Diasho might be interesting. Though, it would be more of a vanity item then something could run with. Then there is the constant bullets, bandages and consumables that also need to be replaced or upgraded.

In regards to Stuff that is more personal, I am considering upgrading my arms. Either getting something more Bio Compatible to try and deal with the phantom limb. And If I am going to keep in the business, I will need to keep my chips in the game, if you can forgive the pun. There are upgrades, enhancements and newer models there are options now, that simply did not exist when my arms were first manufactured.

Before i Leave, making the assumption that the heat will not blow over, before someone finds me, i need to try to pull together some people and have a talk as there are several people that need some personal attention, including Dr. Jeep, The McVannier Family and Emily. Also other people might need to be kept in the loop, to avoid the loss of carefully developed relationships.

Emily. Ascension dismissed her as a human drone, but, Ascension missed the possibility and opportunities that a loyal secretary may provide. When the fire and drek came to visit the square, I put a narcojet dart into her and sent her away from square. I made sure she was out of the live fire zone. Well, She kept the faith. She sat through a Lonestart interrogation, then a Knight Errand interrogation, and did not spill her guts. I think there is a future for her, as one of my friends. I now have to find a place for her, to help replace the one I reduced to rubble.

On the other side of the coin, there is Patricia MacVanier. What can you say about a Woman, who may have killed of her own twin, in order to ensure her own hold on power. She knows about us, as she made Chance an offer, to make some of her problems go away. We we not previously engaged to do the opposite, the money offered was extreme.

Despite the fact the the team worked for her sister, we know little about her, other then she is the younger twin. I think it was this fundamental inequity of birth order that provided her dark push for advancement at any price. Imaging missing not being the “Heir”, by minutes of birth order.

We recovered a lost item for Her older sister and assisted with her and the items departure from the Metroplex.

While, I kept an media rule open on both sisters. The local Sister has been quietly consolidating her power, while the sister abroad is having trouble on the run. The sister called me when she was on the run. I suspect that is one of the ways that her sisters agents found her.

The Heir was poorly equipped for world outside of her protected and pampered fishbowl.

The ability to order a killing is no indicative of Patricia making the big time, as any two bit ganger can pull that. But, it is further evidence of a consolidation of her direct power. It also represents either a level of sophistication, or access to a level of sophistication that indicates the consolidation is near completion.

While she has made no move against me personally, she was secondary to the issues surrounding the red queen. I did not engage with Patricia, as no one was paying me, but, I suspect as with any Sororicide, the guilty conscious or the desire to clean up loos ends will eventually point her in my direction.

Napoleon Bonaparte. apparently a fan of Volataire’s Edipus, is quoted as “There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind.”

So now that the red Queen has had a set back, I need to set up a plan.

1. Step one observer. The most efficient way to lose a battle is to act with out understanding your enemy.

2. Step two: engage them in Waging War.on your terms.

3. step three impose your will on you enemy make for their weak points, through the use of stratgedy.

4. Step four find the boss and figure out how to hurt him or her.

5. Create and Seize opportunities, as they multiply when used.

To be honest, I need to investigate the whole family, as in all honesty, this might be a play by some thrid party.
Aircraft carriers exist to operate aircraft.

The Miami Market.

I would like to be know as one of those old-time bad guys with honor and morals, which made him almost one of the good guys. But, the high up you go the harder it is to tell the good from the bad

The “typical” runner team is not equipped for, nor paid for, nor interested in, engaging in a stand-up firefight with anyone. That’s not what you hire runners for.
In short, bows are great – if you have a plan for how to use them. They’re a waste otherwise.

1. Where do I go now? I can stay here and hope the mess blows over. But, I think it might be easier to leave town either temporarily or permanently? Then there is the choice of where to go? Seattle? Neo-Tokoyo? Denver? New York? Boston? Minneapolis?


Not an uncomplicated to do list.



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