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LA's After Action Report: One

LA's After Action Report(1)

{{Game Date December 18, 2012}}
Connecting Datachip EPROM
56fdd8 *&Dc8d * CY&DSgt
… Commlink Firewall Alert
… Access ID Acknowledged.
… Encryption Keys Generated.
… Connected to Onion dierctory.

  • Login**
  • Enter Passcode**

… Biometric Scan Confirmed.

There are no such things as “Company Johnsons”. When mega corp A needs to get something done, a Junior Exec (Expendable), Asset Manager (if the mission is important) or maybe even an Exec VP (life or death) goes to a trusted Fixer, who then arranges a meet with the expendables. Usually A representative (Mr. Johnson) takes that meeting to furthur insulate the mega corp and the Manager. The mission(s) are then executed according to a time frame and other parameters, then once complete, the runners meet with the Mr. Johnson and get paid.

But, Honetly I did not choose to be a Shadow Runner, because I wanted easy. I Choose to be a Shadowrunner, because I can continue be free to make choices as a Shadowrunner.

Life in 2072 is divided between two vanila options: Those at the top and those that that group own and work for. Sitting between those two extreems are people like me, who risk life and limb to make next months rent. As I am not at the top, the options are do what they want, when they want, how they want, shopping where they want, eating what they want, and paying you in script that is not transferable to any other juristiction. Otherwise, you cam come over here and maybe starve to death.

I guess I am old fasioned, but I still prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Rebecca and Paul have left the metroplex. Ascention pretty much clocks thier odds of survival at “slim”. I concur with her assessment. But, we did the job, we got paid.

It was a weird job right off the rack. I blame the TRIDs, for giving Rebecca the wrong impression of what it is we do. Denyable and Disposable go chip in slot with being a shadowrunner. In this case Mr. Eddie wanted us to go into Corp Land, and meet the Principle there.

Chance (He? She? Elf?) and I ended up meeting Rebecca, a corporate princess in the Horizon central tower, in the Horizon Extra-Terrirorial distict. Chance, got the nod because He is good with people. She is the best we have in dealing with people. I am not sure why I was there, Honestly, except to back Chance up. I used good old Elias Winter for this meeting. Chance used some one I never heard of.

Rebecca, wanted us to go find ‘Paulo’ or Paul Dewinter. The former Executive assistant to her Father and ‘Uncle’ to her. He had been missing, and minimal results were reported by the apes of her Corporate Sec. She gave us a reasonably complete biometric profile and an earing, to identify us as under her patronage. She wanted Paul back before her fathers funeral.

The Mr. Johnson who paid us for day one, obviously though we were overpaid, and nerdowells. But, 60,000 Ucas, will make me polite for his benefit.

Horizon actually appears to give a crap about their employees, and develops products that benefit metahumanity rather than attempt to control it. Not, sure why that is. Most Megacorps, have nothing to prove.

Then we gathered the team at SquarePeacock, had a brief and made calls to out people, and went to do legwork. Vertigo and I went back to the Horizon Extra-Terrirorial distict, and broke into Paul’s appartment. It was modest and neat with good conservative furniture. I pinched another picture of the two, and tried a run at his car but, the firewall war too tough for me. We regrouped in the afternoon, at SquarePeacock. Emily, brough in Soycaffe and Mufsoyins.

Our big lead is a John Doe that matched the biometric profile in a long term care ward in Vaughan District. Vertigo also notices that the picture we had from Paul’s place, was not Rebecca, but a twin.

We rented a Bulldog, as I hate using my Commet for field work, and made the drive out to check out the lead.

The Ares Portfolio resurfaced, Ares had identified Dr. Jeep from his wheels and was running him hot. He needed a place to store his assets. Untill the heat blows over. I agreed and gave him the roll up door code, to SquarePeacock. We do not burn our friends, so it was time for me to put my ass in line with my mouth.

We Arrived at the Hospital. We had a room number, lifted a copy of the med chart, we did visual ID, and The match was solid. This was going to be easy, money, dispite the weird way the client wanted to run this job.

Emily called to clarify that the expensive cars that were letting them selves in, were expected. And the renovations I wanted were underway. I reassured her that the cars were good and the staff should take the day off.

Chance went back down town to wash up, and get ready to report tomorrow morning. Vertigo, Wolf and I, stayed at the hospital to watch Paul the Package. It was a good old fashioned stake out, and mostly I read section of an ebook.

Time Passed.

Just about when Chance should have been walking into his meeting. We get a burst from him, about taking custody and moving the package.

So, we worked as a team and had the package in the van on the way to a street doc Chance knows, before I had my second Soycaffe of the morning. Well, Wolf, worked driving, overwatch and backup. Vertigo made a distraction. I took posession of the package. There was a hiccup, as we did not all regroup back at the van, but, we did quickly get that fixed.

So Chance’s name opened the door for us at this Streetdoc’s place. I got to say, that Streetdoc’s generally deal in the black market sale, trade, and maintenance of cybernetic enhancements and perform standard surgical treatment. Some of the more shady ones buy bits and blood from gangs, no questions asked. Some are in the pay of a Megacorp of two to do research of some kind.

So while the Doc treated the drug soup that was keeping the Package under, I waited with my Predator in my lap. It made him nervous, but, I made a show of not pointing the muzzle at him. I was on the job and the job had gone from find the package to guard the package.

Wolf needed the van to go run an errand. So Vertigo and I guarded the Package. Vertigo, worked her mojo and put an imp watcher into the ether to help keep an eye out. I sat with the package and the Doc.

Wolf dumped the van as her errand had made it hot with Ares, and rode in on her bike. Chance who’s wheels are still in the shop, arrived a bit later. I called for my Sedan as it is has the seats to carry most of the team and the package. We got caught up, Wolf had been busy shooting at Ares as they were chasing Dr. Jeep. Chance had an interesting meet with “The other sister”. She had an offer, that involved us breaking faith with our current employer, for ten times the money. Wolf, did not back either position. Vertigo was in favour of geeking the package for the payout. I was in favour of honouring the original deal. Chance backed me on that, and Vertigo decides to not take the easy money.

The Package woke up, and we briefed him on what we know. He was out of it since bfore the old man died. So we talked and he talked some. Then we most of the team piled into my Mercury and headed off toward the Scarbrough districts, with Wolf riding as outrider. Paul the Package wanted to make a call, and I offered my burn commlink.

Apparently, Paul and Rebecca got caught up. They wanted to meet up. In a AA corporate controled park. The rest of the team did not want to go into corporate controled space. So, Paul and I ended up in a park. He was dressed in my lined coat.

A Orange coup, with Neon accents rolls in. What looks like Rebecca gets out. I make Paul wait. she calls the burn phone. We go out an meet her. I direct her to pay our Fixer Mr. Eddie, and encourage her and Paul to put a move on and get elsewhere. I have a bad feeling about this.

I call Mr. Eddie to tell him to expect payment, and he has recieved it already. The job is over. My take will cover my living costs for about three or four months. I set the meet at the Diamond, tomorrow evening. I have a bad feeling about this.

I shadow them to the airport. I meet up with them, and get my coat back. I walk them to the secure zone. Rebecca gave me the control codes for her car. Then they crossed into the secure zone and became lonestar’s problem. I still have a bad feeling about this.

I call Dave and wire him some credit to secure the back room, for me, and some food and drink. I guess, I am throwing a party.

Then I meet the team to go over the plan for the Ares portfolio meet tomorrow. Downsview, Ucas territory. Vertigo and I in the Rental Van two. Wolf on overwatch. Chance doing the talking.

Then I go back to my Office, Check and lay out my gear and take a nap.

Morning came hard and fast.

Chance is in position. Wolf is in position. Vertigo is sitting beside me in the Van, and we are waiting. Ares shows up with a Limo, and an escort of city masters. Chance has some tense times, but, eventually their negotiator and chance agreed to take him to see the shipment.

So Chance and the Negotiator drove out to the new meeting site. Wolf kepts an eye on Chance, with Vertigo and I went to the Gaz and moved it into position at the meetsite.

Ares had a tail and Wolf tailed them. Wolf got flagged down by Lonestar, and she had to lay rubber out of there to avoid getting stopped with forbidden toys.

Vertigo and I set up in the new position, overlooking the Gaz. She was line of sight, and waiting. I was on the wheel. After more talking the Negotiator the goods, Chance got the credsticks. He drove off in the Gaz. The Negotiator drove off, and Chance picked up a tail. Vertigo zaped the tail’s wheels cold and we all met up. Yeah, Ares may be a Megacorop, but it seems best of the Megas. Sure they smuggle guns, start wars to increase buisness, and run a private mercenary army dressed up in police uniforms but they aren’t Aztechnology.

We torched the Gaz and talked Chance into spending some down time in a coffin motel. I called the only Elvish place I know, and send him a dandilion salad.

The rest went to meet Mr. Eddie. He brough his nephew, Dimitri. I took him to the back room, and we had dinner, and got paid. We ran the white noise and a few other precautions. I got a pic of Dmitri, as new faces make me nervous. Ascention says Dimitri is clean.

Afterwards, I contacted the Don, and requested an appointment with his Consiglieri. The Consiglieri and I had a quiet dinner, and the effeciency of a major bank he laundered our marked Ares Creds into Clean unmarked certified Nuyen. Nuyen is the global reserve currency, so I though I was doing everyone a favour. I found out later everybody else likes Ucas. So Double Payday, regardless.

This is embarasing, but I still need to review what we held back from the Ares Portfolio.

  • Logoff

… Disconnected from Onion dirctory.
… Encryption Keys purged.
Eject Datachip EPROM



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