Out of Toronto 4.0

Machina Ex Deus

The Machine from God, Seedling closed her mouth.


The Best Man: There was a time when a bride didn’t get much choice about who she married, so a groom would bring his strongest and most trusted friend in case the bride would decide to run away. He was also there for weddings where the bride’s family were against the union and might try to stop the wedding and break up the happy couple. The word ‘Best’ refers to his skill with a sword, although we doubt many modern best men would be very useful with one. The best man stands guard next to the groom right up through the exchange of vows just in case he’s needed.

One of my former running team, Khanzir used to shake his head and shiver with horror at the new, strange, and terrifying ways in with meta humanity had dreamed up and built ways of killing each other. Khanzir, came from Egypt and had grown up watching desert wars, in the flesh as a boy. So, the Orc, really understood what the price is in lives for ‘unbridled creativity’

Khanzir is one of those that died when the drek, hit the turbine engine. But, this would be on of those that would make him shiver.

It began like these things always do, with a matix-text. It was March 15th from a Mr. Johnson. Well, Mr. J to be precise. He is

Konbanwa Twenty Two. I see you have received my message. I was hoping I would be hearing from you. I don’t think it’s a secret that Mr Vork is also paying close attention to you. This job comes through Aleksander Triskan – you remember him? Even though he would be a competitor for Mr Vork’s work – he is rather desperate which is why his pay is so well. And that would work out for you – who dare I say is in a desperation to receive pay. I could set up your meet at the Hotel, but he would expect your team to be hot.

So, I needed a team.

I had been working on pulling a team together. Some are a part of a team that came from ‘someplace’ else and know each other. Some like Seedling are local, and others like Adrestia are not really known well enough to be trusted.

L.A. (giliagan) Twenty-Two Vertigo(Mary Ann)) Dr, Jeep (Professor) Adrestia Mellie Seedling

Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2015 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Leads

Twenty Two
Mr Johnson – Good work – and it looks like your new team is sizing up. Listen – I know you need the cash and you need it fast. There is this risky job that is coming over the wire. Needs to be turned around quickly- but it’s offering 120k nY with bonus clauses. It’s a smash and capture – although the details are sketchy. [Catapult]

Twenty Two makes a call to Mr. J.



Mr. J

Vtol in TWenty.

Dr, jeep non in service
Mellie automated meaasge

on an airport

mr Marcell

Pull it off with success.

on a plain
older frizy haired man

Dr franz orlaz
Csrion engineer and desite at cyberline armerments
hostile taken over
asste disposed off

Franz did nro take the new employems to well
and location with techniology

cryoden contry club

old cyberline complex
petter disagreements

15 km catapunt

sling variert of weapomg but clean neutron bomb

ucas gold bullion, reserves.


small stike team.

1. Secure the weapon, intact
2. capture franz.


5 pm

10 people loyal to him

souther most is admin

mortherin research

across the golf course

Blackhawk is a elven amindinan and elf.

Hammer, orc Male




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