Out of Toronto 4.0

-22° and Snow Showers

How I found a new team (log 2)

I had my Matrix meet, with Mr. J.

I did talk

It’s not much, but he could let slip through a job to retrieve a missing S-K asset who went awol.


Lance COrparlar brent hunter
Line soldier from saderl Krupp
Two days
droped ottawa nation foret
drop corrodanate
missed the extraction
tagger or tracher
rumour to have been disgruntele
suspected deserted.
75 precent death
Savana state forest

Gwendolyn; [Metamorphesis] – low pay, and needs to be done quickly. A quick delivery run into the prison, pays 25k, although there are also 12k of bonus clauses

heather clomn
daught promimte cilivi rights astivits, suffer debility type 2 surge.
gene supression thereapy
barens, a dive
guards, lone start

Mision bonus
No harm, No caualitics

3089 ulesses street ne

Mount carmel luteran church



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