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Viper's Log - 2075_01_28:23:45:04

Anagrams of MELLIE


There are 16 anagrams I can make using five letters of MELLIEs name. I shall state them all: elemi, Ellie, Emile, emile, lemei, lemel, lemli, Lemli, meeli, meile, Meill, Melie, melie, Melli, melli, mille

Sometimes MEELI doesn’t let me play. She says ‘_no viper.. you cannot turn all those pretty lights red. No viper you cannot make the pretend play cars crash together. No viper.. not everyone wants to hear La Crumba played backwards at 2x speed through their commlinks._

Today she said Yes!

I got to play with my favorite toy, my Flying_Death_Monster. And today I was allowed to play the best pretend video game. And MELIE had even made it so the pretend people were actually playing with me.

It started with LEMEI spending way too much time with all those other pretend people. I don’t like them, except the one pretend person who has all the fun toys built into his body. ELLIE says I am not supposed to play with his toys, but if he doesn’t notice then it’s good right?

Then much later.. she pointed to a target in the pretend world. “You take your toy here and have lots of fun, and when I call you, you come back.” OKAY! I can do that.

W…O…A…H B…O…Y…!


The pretend_people_bad_guy would shoot at me, but I was too fast for them. And then they would send other flying_machines_bad_guy, but they were stupid and predictable, and I shot two down. And THEN a big pretend truck that had the signature of one of EMILEs pretend friends came to play – it crashed into the gate and exploded. The graphics were so real as little fragmenty bits flew ALL OVER. I couldn’t track them all!!!! It’s not like the real world where dead things just derez… MELL took alot of time to set up this game… and I love her so much for the treat.

I was looking for more fun to be had when /SHE!/ showed up. I didn’t know if I was in trouble, so I hid. But /SHE!/ seemed like /SHE!/ wanted to play too – although I didn’t like the game much. The flying_machines_bad_guy fell out of the sky, and all of the pretend_people_bad_guy seemed to not be able to see me anymore. The game wasn’t as much fun anymore and even shooting the pretend building which MELLE and her pretend friends spent SOOOOO LOOOONG at didn’t even make me happier.

Then MEELI called me back and I flew back to where she was with her pretend friends (why does she spend SOOOOOO much time with them?) and she was so happy to see me and happy that I barely got Flying_Death_Monster scratched up from all of her pretend games. I even tried to say hi to <!—- but <!— just snarled at me… but it was a happy snarl – I think MILLE let <!—- play games too.

>LOG_STOP_REC// [….2075-01-28 23:45:04\\v1PER_the_L337_aWEs0m3_S4uCE]



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