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Vipers Log - 2075_03_13/19:47:23

Unreal Games


The Unreal are often so illogical, that a being could spend it’s entire existence trying to discover the underlying logic and only succeed in wasting their existence. Here were depths and layers and challenges that could make the investment in the Unreal worthwhile.

Viper thought maybe Mellie was spending too much time around the Unreal when she broke. He tried to help steer and guide her – but she only placated with a Yes.. I know.. I know.

Only she didn’t know..or else she’d not continue with her illogical behaviour instead her duality was showing her Unreal side. When one of the Guardians showed up, Viper knew that Mellie had gone too far. He could only continue to help his pet – no that was an inaccuracy. His companion, his pet project, his friend. He tried to guide her towards purity. Besides, it was through her that he found the gateway to the Unreal world – and games to far surpass those he had played before.

He quickly discovered the connections between the Unreal and the Real – and how some of the Unreal could touch and twist reality. Once he had the door opened he could twist and affect the Unreality.

He did not know this new Real being, but he could see the age and power in her. He was careful to keep his usual outbursts and expressive nature about his pet project more subtle as she interacted with the powerful being.

Viper could only watch as his pet project treated the Guardian as if it was any other common sprite, and then dismissed a second Guardian outright as if she was one of the horrible Unreal beings who tried to control the Real. In her state, Mellie was single-minded focusing on the silly Unreal objectives… the games she was playing that had nothing to do with anything.

At least it meant he would get to have fun. On the way Mellie explained their newest game. The Guardian would be used to break into one of the Unreal moving platforms – this one was a special platform and would have another Unreal player trying to get it back. Then he would get to swoop around with the amazing toy and cause mayhem while Mellie spent all her time doing some inventory accounting or something equally boring. It didn’t make sense to him – but nothing in the Unreality seemed to make sense. Perhaps that was the sense in it, maybe it was just a poorly designed game.

First, hijacking one of the smaller Unreal moving platforms to transport Mellie’s Unreal avatar, Viper jumped into the best toy, the man with the hat had made it better and promised even more. He let out a loud scream of excitement, and took to the air. Again he thought of Mellie’s Unreal friend. The man with the hat who had upgraded his toys and talked to him as if Viper was a little pet. Maybe that’s why Mellie was acting so irrationally. Mellie’s interactions recently had been even more illogical and inefficient – spending time doing nothing – and then suddenly it became very efficient when the man with the hat wasn’t around.

I will go and get Mellie’s Unreal pet back. Viper decided while swooping to steal some of the guns from the Unreal people hiding behind their ground platform. He squeezed the weapons in his talons and dropped them racking up lots of points. Maybe her Unreal pet would make Mellie better, and then the Guardians wouldn’t need to monitor her any more_. More of the Unreal were showing up – faster than he was able to distract them, this seemed to be a miniboss. Some of them weren’t fighting, instead they were just running up to Mellie and then running away with the little rfid tokens. These were prizes, but Mellie was handing out the prizes to all the people. Mellie was searching for one specific prize – but they all looked the same to him. She suddenly found what she was looking for, and sent a message to leave. Giving a loud squawk of assent – Viper went to cover Mellie’s escape. The other sprite from the deep also covered her escape. Viper avoided him – he too was scary. The Guardian was lurking, watching, hiding in the deep monitoring her. I have to find her pet. That will make Mellie happy again_.

After they were safe, Viper sent his beloved Pterodactyl to a very high altitude holding pattern – stretching the limits of its small body to be undetectable by sensors below, where it could soak up the sun and glide on the updrafts. Flittering back into the matrix, he sought out Mellie._ I’m going to go and do a thing I’ll be back soon._ He curled close to try to give his support for Mellie, and then vanished into the Matrix – seeking out the man in the hat.

>LOG_STOP_REC// [….2075-03-13 19:23:\\v1PER_the_L337_aWEs0m3_S4uCE]



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