"LA” or Charles "Charley" Boone (CB)



Street Name: LA
Speciality: Infiltration,
Race: Human
Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS
Occupation: Shadowrunner
Date of Birth: December 17th, 2030
Age: 43 Height: 5’10" Weight: 82 kgs.
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown

Primary Location/Lifestyle/Identity:
1. Charles ‘Chuck’ Boone – Legitimate Lifestyle (Briarhill , Metropolitan Toronto) (Approximately Low) ¥3,220
2. Elias Winter – Mixed Platform (Scarborough Special Economic Zone, Metropolitan Toronto) (Medium) ¥5,000
3. Safehouse – (Greenwood Wilds, Whitby-Oshawa Sprawl) (Low) ¥500
4. Edward Bailey – small commercial studio (Edgewater district, Miami) (Low-Medium) ¥3,800

Total Monthly Lifestyle Cost:¥ 12,520

LA’s Shopping List
Personal Weapons
vehicles and Drones
LA’s Logs

Criminal record: None

Military record: Ucas. Special Forces, (cyber-ware soldier of the future project) Two tours. Based at Fort Bush, Dayton, OH. Active in the European wars, Operation Baked Alaska (Athabaskan incursion) and Operation Catfish (Mississippi (CAS) border) theaters. Honourable discharge. Rank upon discharge: Sergeant (E-5) “buck sergeant” Awards: European Cross of Gallantry with silver star, Army Commendation Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB).

• What is their names?
• Running name: LA
• Legal Name: Charles ‘Chuck’ Boone
• Favourite Alias: Elias Winter
• Last running name, used 7 years ago: Winterstorm
• Do they have family?
Yes. He has a married younger brother, who works for SEATAC Suborbital, and a Niece.
(F) Ryan Boone 1992 – Deceased 2049 (Age 57) , Seattle, Ucas
(M) Nora Hope Wong 2005 – Deceased 2065 (Age 60) , Seattle, Ucas

Louise Raymona Boone 2025 – Deceased 2053 (Age 28) of Viitas , Seattle, Ucas

Arnold Zoltan Boone 2033 – Present (Age 40), Seattle, Ucas
Spouse: Charity Theresa Reeves 2040 – Present (Age 33), Seattle, Ucas
Neice: Nora Charity Boone 2060 – Present (Age 13), Seattle, Ucas

• Do they possess magic/resonance?
No. Magic was poorly understood, and Charles had neither the opportunity or ability.

• Since when did they start Shadowrunning?
As an independent private investigator, trying to investigate personal claims against corporate interests and finding, himself increasingly frustrated and blocked by their imperviousness to the law, Charles eventually took more and more risks, crossing the line between law-abiding citizen, and personal vigilante against the corporations.

• What did they do before Shadowrunning?
He was a decorated combat veteran and private investigator when he started running. He was most recently did security of a squat in the Portlands, before resuming shadow running in the early 2070s.

• How do they live?
Charles lives in a combination of his Car, and at the offices of Square Peacock . While Technically not needing much beyond a Low lifestyle, as Runs have gone well he has spent more on clothing, better food and firmware patches on his cybernetics. He has living space approximating a small condo, good range of clothing, and eats nutrisoy as well as occasionally having higher priced fresh fruit like Clone’nanas, but at least the autocook has a full suite of flavor enzimes.

• Do they have a SIN?
Charles has a UCAS SIN due to his military service.

• How do they look?
Charles is 5’10” tall, 180 pounds, with dark brown eyes. He is European heritage marks him as white, human, and fairly thin for the level of muscle.
He is male. Charles currently have a thin clean neat hair cut. He also prefers brown, blue and grey suits, but, has been known to wear basic clothes such as black hoodies, cargo pants, and boots if he is doing more hands on activities.

• What are their interests?
He has an active fondness for gear, weapons and technology. This is most due, to having a long exposure to cybernetics and the military. He frequently cleans and maintains various pieces of gear, and after hours it is not unexpected for Charles to be stripping and lubricating one of his firearms, or evaluating wear on a piece of field gear. He has a collection of classical music and has splurged on a virtual surround upgrade for his “personal comlink”

• What do they think of other metatypes?
He does not mind other metatypes. He is white, and human, but, currently has teamed up with lots of elves. Charles is cautious around trolls and orcs as he has learned that they tend to be stronger and tougher then he is .

• What do they think of the opposite sex?
He tries to evaluate people on what they can do, rather then what is between their legs.

• What do they think about friends?
He likes having friends, but is some times cautious of letting folks into his their person life. He has also, been reluctant to extend the hand of friendship, until he gets to know the individual. As an example hardly anyone, theses days knows him as Charles or Winterstorm.

• What do they think about wet work?
He are degrees of killing, and Charles is not above, killing some one in combat. He is cautious and a bit reluctant to out and out murder. He has in the past not taken jobs to hit a Miami or a Mob Boss person who is complicit in the violence of the underworld. He tries to limit the death of innocents Taking a job to wipe out a family whose only problem was the cross someone powerful? That’s different. They are innocents, unless there are mitigating circumstances such as the individual being possessed by insect spirit.

• What are their primary abilities?
He is good at Logistics, Climbing, infiltration, Shadowing and Automatics. He is passable at Disguise and Driving. He also has a handful of other talents and abilities that can make him an unpredictable and versatile opponent.

• What are their primary handicaps?
He lacks the out and out lethality of a true street samurai, or the bulk of a brick. He lacks the expertise or a true decker, and the ability to wear a machine of a dedicated rigger. He is careful try play to his comparative strengths, and minimize his weaknesses, either through gear, or even a hastily constructed plan, but this makes him sometimes slow to respond to developing situations, as he mentally catches up.

• Do they fear or love something special?
He tends to fear his luck, and use what ever he can to minimize his exposure to pure random chance.

• What should you definitely know about them?
Charles has two obvious cyber arms, and the vestigial scarring on the skin on his shoulders and chest mark this as being the result of a very bad accident of fire. He has a reputation for having operations go south, and scrambling through planning or gear to pull off a successful run. He is known not the drink when is on a mission.


“We try not to burn out Friends.”

“Thus, knowing none of us are Sun Tzu or Napoleon or Julius Caesar… I have to study people who are. And take notes.”

“Remember to check for tags and tails.”

“Chess? No. I am trying to learn Go.”

“I am from the West, (Real?) Shadowrunners keep their balance in Nuyen”


Out of Toronto 4.0 Winterstorm