Mellie "Aynka"

Tiny technomancer with a swarm of sprite friends - "Sam Pavlov"


Mellie is a technomancer who would really prefer to live within the Matrix. Meat space is just in the way of the future. The future is virtual.

Mellie’s very short and slender with a practical low maintenance pixie cut of her dirty blonde hair. Her pale skin is lightly freckled and heavily scarred, especially along her spine and the back of her neck. She covers her body with nurses scrubs and carries a nursing bag, often looking like she just came from work.

After LA suggested that Mellie get a street name. Vertigo decided that her name needs to be Aynka. Mellie is perfectly happy with this.


Given by her parents to Cross when she first showed signs of being different than the other kids Mellie has been passed around as a corp lab rat for most of her life. She escaped from an Ares research facility just a few years ago and is still trying to figure out what it is like to live in the world. So far she’s decided she doesn’t like it much, though it’s better than being a lab rat.

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Mellie "Aynka"

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