dwarf mechanic farm girl, as she's more than happy to tell you.


Seedling’s short stature has always led people to think she’s a child. Even around other dwarves, somehow she was always the child. Her name wasn’t quite a good fit and when she was a baby her mom called her the littlest seedling. The name has stuck with her, besides no kid wants to be called Ethel.

Her brown hair frames her round face and big eyes in a short bob. She’s incredibly polite and always has a smile for everyone. Seedling’s the youngest of 3 siblings, her big sister is human and works on the farm, she does the books and is quick to defend her very little sister. Her big brother works up on the iron range as a VIP at an all dwarven mining company, he has a great relationship with Seedling but strained with the rest of his family.

Her parents plan to work the farm as long as they can but they want the sisters to be ready to take over and Seedlings natural affinity for machines worked well with her sister’s preference for the numbers and selling of the farm.

She moved down to the Cities when she finished up high school and moved in with her cousin Freddie. She planned to take classes a Metro for drone repair and agriculture for a few years. She didn’t quite have enough money but her cheerful attitude, strength, and natural aptitude with parts helped get her a job at a local junk yard.

Each semester she tooks a class or two and sent the rest of the money back to her family, or bought anything she could that might be fun later.

She lives with 3 roommates in a little place. They all go to Metro as well and often go out to party and have a good time on the weekends together. Malee, Bee, and Jill – an elf, a pair of humans, and a dwarf all walk into a bar together…They haven’t quite figured out the punch line yet, but they are happy to be the joke and the center of attention.

Seedling loves her family, works hard at school, parties hard with her friends, and has a very pleasant attitude about the world in general.

Seedings Fluff:
Drop Off
Met a Boy! (After meeting Twenty Two)
Late Night Phone Call


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