Twenty Two

A twenty something human looking elf, with a horrible reputation, and a pocket secretary full of people reluctant to call him back


This young thin elf blends into any crowd. With his carefully arranged blond hair he can "pass” for human in most circumstances. Thoroughly average in height, weight, and appearance. He carries a distinct lack of distinguishing physical characteristics or mannerisms, until he chooses to use his smile.
He smile helps him slide easily into new situations, groups, cities, and jobs.

Absolute zero


Orphan. Ward of the state. Graduated from Edward Lowe residential high school.

“No you are the one missing out.
I fracked up and may not a lot of time left, so, I really Intent not wasting it.
We have a perfect night, right here?
I have a half finished bottle of really good Tír na nÓg whiskey.
The temperature out is perfect.
The river is really peaceful and quiet with the boat traffic died down for the night.
There just a thin breeze that is clear of the dust and grime of the old Eisenhower.
And you are here with your back to one of the finest sunsets ever.
So, you are welcome to sit and join me or you can go about your business.
But, please decide as right now you are blocking my view. "

“We are fragile creatures, made up of broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken promises.”

“Do not play with cards with dragons, they always cheat.”

Twenty Two

Out of Toronto 4.0 Winterstorm