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>CL:Miami MCT-NA
Flamed exploded today as a suspected Terrorist Shadowrunner team working with the Orange Tigertails hit a MCT data warehousing facility on the southern Miami coast. Local citizens were woken to a fireball described as “Momentarily as bright as the Sun” <v_clip> and armed conflict between Petrovski forces and several groups of Shadowrunners. The explosion was caused when an small tanker belonging to Total SA unexpected crashed into the facility port and exploded.

Local LoneStar forces were not on hand to assist, furthering the growing discord between the area law enforcement and the corporate security forces. There was only one fatality, however 37 MCT personnel had to be hospitalized.

The attack also caused a local disruption in the public Matrix. MCT and Compuforce technicians worked diligently to resolve the technical issues and restore Matrix services to the affected areas.
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These fuckers finally got their com-uppance. Ever since CHLDSVR Anon 338-one called us out a year ago these drekkers have flown too long under the radar. Where were the boys in Yellow’n’blue when MCT was having their balls roasted? They were out serving the public good, rounding up this go-ganging front for child-trafficing drek-suckers.

I for one thank the Y’n’B for keeping their priorities strait, and people can use Highway 1 with alittle more peace these days.

Shout-out to Sleezy-Pete!
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>CL:Miami EvoCityNews
Damage was high, but loss of life was minimal during a daring explosive raid against a sleepy MCT storage center. No groups have stepped forward to claim responsibility, however leading insiders point towards tip-offs against a local Go-Gang known as the Orange Tigertails as being the instigators of the raid. Contracting pirate mercenaries a joint land/sea raid was quickly called in retaliation for several Lonestar raids against Go-Ganger holdings leading to a busy night. Matrix services as far away as Kendall and Culter Bay were interrupted as apparently the MCT public service nodes were affected by the raid.

MCT was quick to downplay the damage and indicate that no cutting edge research was interrupted. Stock points remained unaffected by this attack which does not seem to be related to upcoming Hermes 7 Commlink which is positioned to bring new features which the public has been eagerly anticipating.
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>DonutMill:357 Blog
What the hell? The DonutMill (Home of the Double-Hole Blueberry Delight) at Miami and Halisse will be closed for approximately 2 weeks to repair damage from the recent firefight.

Even though most of the fighting was down the block, security footage shows one of those LoneStar type drones flying outside my shop, and causing grievious damage. There wasn’t anyone inside the shop at the time (We open bright and early at 5am for your trip into work) but the drone attacked the shop for several minutes before flying back to the action.

MCT claims that they do not use the Stratos class of drones and are not liable to pay for the damages. Lonestar of course claims that this was under the protection of MCT, and they are not at all involved.

What the hell?
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