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Parts of the Toronto core, the Path and sections of the Royal York Fairmont were closed off today while Knight Errant conducted simulated terror-threat-response activities. Realistic dummy ammunition and smoke was used to simulate the terrorist attack on the vulnerable Toronto hotel icon. Upper management of the hotel was made aware of the simulation, however hotel staff were not informed to get realistic reactions. Several hotel staff required medical assistance because of the shocking nature of the simulations – however there were no reported injuries.
“This was not out of the ordinary … [This test] represents a standard readiness activity Knight Errant undertakes to ensure the safety and protection of our corporate citizens”
Passers by indicated remembering seeing unmarked vehicles entering the loading docks of the building before the sounds of gunfire were heard. Official sources assure “All theatrics were conducted in the most safe manner and while realistic, there was no danger to the public or to Knight Errant response forces”
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Reporting from the oRC uNDERgROUND – more lies from the corporate overseers. The Fairmont was HIT last night – not by terrorists (the latest corporate boogeyman) but by SHADOWRUNNERS. What the cORPS don’t want you to know!
The target? the Penthouse suite which was being booked by mysterious guests. They must have deeper pockets to bribe for their secrecy then I have – as my insider contacts couldn’t let me know who they were.
FOREIGN Princes? VISITING Corp Executives? Publicity Stunt for upcoming MOVIES? Rumours persist that this was either a High-Threat Corporate Extraction – Possibly of the up-and-coming Excutive Officer of Horizon Marc-Theodore Hertz, or that the Penthouse was being rented by the Ultra-Nova starlette Lette Nmere who was scheduled to play at the Ares Entertainment Complex but mysteriously cancelled all North UCAS concert dates.
At least 24 bodies were transported to several Ares medical centres – and 4 vehicles with BULLET HOLES (Dems not BLANKS!) were later found to have all been STOLEN.
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>GTBM FedBoe Travel News
Staff and nearby residents were treated to a small light show as a disused airplane hanger and parts of an closed runway were rented to be used for training exercises. The private party renting the space did not disclose any public information regarding the test – but needed a large open area where they could safely practice vehicular maneuvers and small unit tactics.
Training exercises resulted in the damaging of several unmarked vehicles, however the only injury was a sprained ankle suffered by one of the testers. There are no further updates on the injured tester at this time.
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>GTBM EvoCityNews
The newsfeeds today for the EvoCityNews were cut off for 4 hours after EvoCityNews had their UCAS broadcast license temporarily revoked and all of their newsfeed interdicted by UCAS matrix officers.
After complaints to Orbital Court against the UCAS resulted in an ordered lifting of the media blackout, and the newsfeed license was quickly restored.
“This was an administrative misunderstanding and we are working with UCAS agencies to ensure undisrupted service” Evo spokesperson Yvonne Parker, at an early morning press conference.
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Reporting from the oRC uNDERgROUND – EVO losing their LicenSe? Or did THEY have footage that the ucAS didn’t want the SHEEPLE to see?
Could it BE that EVO was about to blow the lid on the COVERUPS that the government was organizing? Is EVO secretly working with ARE$ – or are these actions to undermine the military giant.
We, the PUBLIC will never know the TRUTH unless someone can find those so-called missing files which the UCAS illegally STOLE from EVO
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