Raw Materials

There is no apparent end to the ongoing slump in the raw materials markets as most major sources of raw materials have been leveraged and there are no current new productions on the horizon. There are still several players who continue to turn profits in this negative environment – the diamond industry in particular has shown profitable returns in the last month.

Financial Services – Standardization

After long negotiations between the Pacific Prosperity Group (PPG), Renraku Financial Services (RCS) and the Frankfurter Bank Association (FBA), there has been a joint announcement of standardization to the employment standard of services workers in this field. There has been a major upswing in several markets due to the recent raising of the minimum wages of service workers in the financial services. This effect has trickled down to independent financial institutions that have followed suit with their own staffing models.

Shooting Stars

The risky release of the new Nokia Edge-Pro 7 just in time for the Christmas season has more than doubled the stock prices for the Alcatel-Nokia (A-N) company. Universally revered for it’s initiative design and integration with major service providers, the Edge-Pro 7 was responsible for the meteoric rise, with stocks closing recently with bids in the 44.524¥ per share – up from the closing of 16.651¥ same time November.

Risky Ventures

Cross Matrix Technologies (CMT) continue to bank on their risky ventures, with the stock nearly doubling since November. Closing at 61.211¥ the share cannot keep this raise, and experts wonder if major stock supporters will be leaving the former AAA.

Technical Industry strong

All five of the top growth companies are from the Technology sector, which continues to eclipse other industries. A strong Christmas season and consumer confidence is fueling the ongoing run on the stocks.

Good Buys

While there are other companies with a lower Offer-Bid%, the McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) has shown an 11.0% increase in their stock value, and is selling with a Offer-Bid% of .27%. Shares recently were being offered for 26.163¥.

Last Legs

Zurich Orbital has been currently reviewing the fate of the independent natural gas company CNOOC Limited (0883.HK). Share values have plummeted as investors jumped ships. While technically still worth over 500 Billion ¥, assets are currently being liquidated and trading has been locked. At market close, the shared were junk-valued at 0.031 ¥.


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