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Wickware Gate and southern part of Nantucket Blvd will remain cordoned off to public for at least 72 hours. Knight Errant and ARES teams will be investigating and will properly contain the disruption which took place on late Monday afternoon. There was extensive damage to local businesses and to the nearby Lawrence Street overpass.
Sources say that the attacks are related to a recent militarization of corporate interests in the local sprawl. ARES has denied any relationship between the actions and the recent postings on the GTBM Most Wanted list by both Knight Errant and Lone Star.
“We do not yet have information which could be released to the public. Rest assured that additional forces will be deployed in the region to maintain the peace, and we will keep the public updated.” Ares spokesperson
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Not releasing to the public? What the hell, I saw ARES CityMasters, Renraku Hornets and Osprey in the air and more spirits attacking that place than an episode of Hamilton Horrors. Corporations should not be allowed to conduct military operations inside the city
* A_Concerned_Cit

I was in and checked out the node they were talking about. It was on fucking fire. I’m not kidding you, inside the Matrix, it was on fire.
* InsideJob

I saw some giant troll rappel over the side of a bridge after the explosion, I’ll bet he caused it. Blew up an entire block.
* HisGirlSaturday

Astral was full of everything you can imagine, and a handful of things you can’t. This was a total war.
* MagicFingers


>DI Underground
h3. Sojourner releases statement about GTBM incident

“A DI known as Ascension has been accused of treason, among other heinous crimes. Ascension was apparently trying to amass a large quantity of pre-crash hardware for an unknown purpose. Speculation is rampant on what her reasons were.

I want the public to know that the Matrix community: DI, Hacker, Technomancer, and Sprite do not endorse any kind of violence.

The community has banded together to repair tears in the fabric of the Matrix and will be working jointly with law enforcement and the Grid Overwatch Division to track down Ascension and make her answer for her actions.

Anyone believing they have information about Ascension should contact authorities immediately.”

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* Sojourner

… bitch
* Anon_000000


>GTBM:McCowan district
At 21:15 a young human woman approximately 23 years old was escorted into the 57 Division LS precinct for questioning. There was an outstanding warrant for her apprehension for questioning in the GTBM Incident (ref. GOD_0003.b)
Subject was apprehended while carrying an unlicensed personal defense weapon and refused to cooperate with authorities.
Scans of her Commlink confirmed her identity as Ms Emily Waters, residing at 34 Elms court.

Upon interrogation, Ms Waters continued to refuse to cooperate with law enforcement authorities and refused the right to contact legal counsel.

After being held for 9 hours, Ms Waters was released upon the order of Corporal Sergeant Blake Thyme, badge# 75-293 of the Grid Overwatch Division.

Ms Waters unregistered personal defense weapon was not returned to Ms Waters upon her release.

Two Lone Star unmarked surveillance units were assigned for short-mid term surveillance duty.

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Out of Toronto 4.0 Bindybatty