Grid Overwatch Division- Task Group Gabriel Report – Ascension

Artificial Resource Management / Right Hand Special Task Group Gabriel

Casefile 75-E-01-14.b (.13)
Clearance – Nova 2 / GOD-ARM / GOD-RH

Report logged by Senior Agent Charles H. Byrne

The ARM of GOD has been tracking the suspicious activities of the entity which was come to be known as Ascension, but it was only when her plan was realized that the Right Hand assembled task force Gabriel. Due to my personal history, I was brought in to lead Gabriel.

When I arrived on the scene several deckers from Ares and Renraku had already been taken out along with some very high level and custom IC. An unknown hacker was assisting Ascension in holding them off. This hacker had modest level skills, and was probably local talent. The anonymous hacker left very soon after I arrived. It is unknown if this hacker was working with Ascension or if they were acting independently and was infiltrating the wrong node at the wrong time.

Task Force Gabriel took command of the situation, having Knight Errant, the Ares and Horizon Strike teams stand down with a minimal amount of force. Ascension was handled quickly but she fled before she could be fully apprehended. Her home node location is still unknown. Materials recovered from the site were forwarded to the ARM of GOD for further investigation to track down Ascension.

Her plans were interrupted and not successful. Additionally her facilities were disrupted and the technical equipment either destroyed or recovered and forwarded to the ARM of GOD. Task Force Gabriel continued to investigate the known affiliates of Ascension and liaise with corporate security forces to remain apprised of their investigations.

Task Force Gabriel was able to breach Ascension’s node at the location. By the time my team was inside the node it was collapsing. Several sprites were found to be holding open a gateway to the Resonance which had been forged with the assistance of an unknown technomancer who had traversed the gateway. I tried several times to extract the technomancer who was responsible for the gateway before I was finally successful.

The technomancer we finally extracted had the persona of a young human woman wearing nursing scrubs with short dirty blonde hair. Upon extraction she screamed at the entire team, released her sprites and plunged back into the Resonance though the collapsing gateway. I was the only member of the team able to follow her.

We reached the destination of the gate within the Resonance, and it was immediately apparent that we had arrived in the middle of a war. The key of this battle seemed to be the former digital intelligence known as Deus was battling with the digital intelligence Megaera. Both were previously believed to be destroyed. I engaged Dues in battle immediately. The unknown technomancer also engaged Deus and our joint efforts were able to distract it enough to allow other sprites present to temporary shield Megaera from the attacks.

Megaera retreated as reinforcements arrived. Losses of the battle are unknown however the damages to the resonance and digital intelligences involved with the fighting are believed to be extensive. Deus also retreated after it was severely damaged but was not fully destroyed
Neither Deus nor Megaera were fully formed – but rather assembled ‘echos’ of their former existence. I do not believe that they can return to the Matrix from the resonance in this current state.

The unknown technomancer was severely damaged as well. With the closure of the gate, we required the services of a free sprite to return us to the Matrix. When we had returned her connection to her body had been severed, and it is unknown if she was able to return to her body before her ghost derezzed completely.

The unknown technomancer is believed to have been working with Megaera to disrupt the Ascension’s plans to resurrect Deus. She was attempting to either completely destroy the plans or resurrect Megaera instead.

It is fully expected that Ascension will attempt this again. There is also potential that as speculation spreads there may be copy cats. ARM should look at initiating a research project jointly with Sojourner and other digital intelligences to look at potential outcomes.

The unknown technomancer should not be considered hostile. She was severely injured in the battle and may be disoriented so she should be approached with caution. If her apprehension is reported or her location identified, Senior Agent Charles H. Byrne is to be immediately notified. He will take custody of the asset.

A public All Points Bulletin will be issued for Ascension, for the unknown technomancers and for known associates of Ascension. Cooperation with all involved corporations is required and maintained by the Grid Overwatch Division.

Any information in this dossier should be considered classified to Nova 2 clearance. Unauthorized distribution or retention of this document is subject to severe penalties under the Corporate Court Matrix Authority


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