Digital WAR on Humanity

Excerpt from Red Pill Addict forum discussion

JAQ: There has been a lot of drek in the matrix about this GTBM Incident. Just yesterday we see a report from Dodger leaked. He is, however, hardly an unbiased source. Most of you remember that Dodger was actively working for AIs, specifically Megera.

I have with me today a top secret source from deep in GOD who works closely with Dodger’s team who was involved in this GTBM Incident.

HaHaHana has been a decker for nearly her whole life, she’s been working with GOD on quite a few top secret and above top secret projects that have had her involved with AIs, she’s seen some pretty serious problems and been worked to protect us from rampant corruption that the AIs bring.

But you’re here with us today to talk about some new corruption you’re seeing within GOD, isn’t that right?

HaHaHana: Yeah, it’s very unfortunate because I’ve always in the past felt like I was really working for the betterment of meta-humanity. When I learned this, it all came crashing down.

JAQ: So the media has shown us the physical effects but the matrix effects it has been pretty quiet about. Some speculation about the AI behind it all trying to recompile Deus, an unregistered technomancer involved. And then GOD showing up or not.

HaHaHana: Yup, and let me tell you, I have been involved in this for years, I’ve been a decker since before there were technomancers. Technomancers aren’t magic. They can’t really do anything that deckers can’t do. People make far too much fuss over them. Dodger and his group specifically are held up as these high and mighty paragons. There’s even been speculation that some technomancers can be full VR and not be unconscious. I’m here to tell you that’s totally bullshit.

JAQ: So what about the speculation about recompiling Deus?

HaHaHana: Deus is long gone. The old depreciated hardware that he had been running on was the only chance they had to recompile him from old fragments of code. This isn’t magic and you aren’t resurrecting someone from the dead. This is all straight up zeros and ones. After all the hardware destroyed there is no way to bright him back. And even if someone managed to get the code it can’t be updated to run on today’s machines. Besides we have some much more powerful AIs and even our agents today are more powerful than some dusty old AI that’s over a decade old.

JAQ: What about this technomancer?

HaHaHana: Some unregistered technomancer. Now Dodger’s report tries to imply that she was working against Ascension, but we have absolutely no other evidence of this. The big thing that’s being kept out of this is that Dodger returned pretty severely injured as well. He’s still recovering and may be for quite some time.

JAQ: So who injured him? I know some there have been some rumors of a war in the matrix or the resonance? Can you tell us more about that?

HaHaHana:_ I know that technomancers talk a lot about the “resonance” but it’s just their way of talking about the matrix to make it sound special. It isn’t like the Astral plane for mages, there isn’t another world out there. But there was a lot of noise, a lot of IC, Black IC, and more being thrown around pretty recklessly. There were both deckers and technomancers involved on both sides, along with Ascension._

JAQ: So you felt the need to come forward to talk about this?

HaHaHana: I really did. I couldn’t just let this go silent. GOD is supposed to be there to protect meta-humanity. To watch out for and take care of it. Not to conspire with the drekking AIs against meta-humanity. And that’s just what I think it starting to happen.

JAQ: So you’re saying this is a start of a war between meta-humanity and AIs? Can’t we just pull the plugs on them?

HaHaHana: We can and should. I’m calling for people to disconnect. Not yourself, that won’t be enough. No we have to rise up and really start to disconnect as a whole, as communities, as a people.

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Do not put any credence to any misinformation posted on this site. We are already working hand in hand with meta-humanity to oppose those forces who are determined to bring discordance to our union.
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