2075_02_20_UCAS Most Wanted - Mellie

United Canadian American States MOST WANTED list

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Unregistered Technomancer, Treason, Terrorism, Conspiracy to Commit Treason, Criminal Grand Theft Larceny, Transportation of Stolen Property over Extrajudicial Territories

Aliases: none known

DoB Used: unknown
Hair: Dirty Blonde (holographic)
Place of Birth: unknown
Eyes: Green (holographic)
Height: 5’2” (avatar)
Sex: Female
Weight: Slim build
Race: Human – Technomancer
SIN: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown

Remarks: Mellie was working in collusion with the DI known as Ascension. She has no ties to any location should be considered an extreme flight risk.

She has no known associates. She should not be approached in Matrix space as she is highly dangerous. She has extensive training in Matrix combat.

Caution: Mellie is highly sought after and any contact should be reported to local authorities immediately. Contact Commcode 31-0625-65346-06412

Reward: There is a 500,000 UC$ reward for information leading to the confirmed containment of Mellie.
*posted jointly with CAS_Most_Wanted, CFS_Most_Wanted, CL_Hit_List, Denver_Person_of_Interest, TT_Ure_Gothrim

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Another example of Technomancers working against meta-humanity and for the end of us all.
* Anon_007787

Why isn’t GOD looking for her? Protecting their own? I’m not saying GOD was in on this, I’m just asking why.
* They_kNOw

2075_02_20_UCAS Most Wanted - Mellie

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