Crime Lookup Tables

Criminal Activities

Code Type Description
Ast Assault Damage to goods / people in order to extort money / intimidate / steal goods
Mur Murder Death of people to send a message / intimidate / inspire terror
Ide Ideological Attacks to damage / kill based on ideological differences (ie terrorism)
Arm Arms Trafficking Buying / Selling of contraband weapons – typically controlled / restricted high caliber weapons
Ars Arson Destruction of property for intimidation / insurance fraud purposes
Coe Coercion Threats / violence intended to change the subject’s actions / outlook
Ext Extortion Threat / intimidation used to generate money / goods / services from subjects
Pro Protection Generating payment in exchange for providing protection (which may be coerced or threatened using prior assaults)
Fin Financial Money Laundering – using illegal money in legal transactions to legitimize the money and make it untraceable
Ctf Counterfeiting The generation of fake money and using it to pay for goods / sell for real money
TE Tax Evasion Using financial means to misrepresent funds – could be used to provide tax evasion for their associates or businesses
IT Identity Theft Either physical or matrix theft and misrepresentation of a subjects identity. Identity may then be used for illegal activities or sold for profit
MF Matrix Fraud Making fraudulent matrix transactions (illegal purchases, hacking, etc) or used to cover up illegal activities
CI Copyright infringement Producing illegal copies of known products to be sold
CW Cyber Warfare Conducting matrix warfare attacks against subjects either as part of extortion, to intimidate, or cause terror
PC Political Corruption Influence / Coercion of political figures with the intention of gaining favorable political standing
CC Corporate Crime Crimes against other corporate interests – theft, extortion, copyright infringement, etc
DT Drug Trafficking The production, movement, and selling of illegal narcotics – either natural, awakened or sim
ST Sex Trafficking The movement and forced labour of subjects into the sexual services – either for profit or as intimidation
MT Migrant Trafficking The movement and forced labour of subjects into slave or unpaid wages – for profit or as intimidation
LR Labor Racketeering The formation of unions to force corporations into giving concessions, to control work forces, etc Legal or otherwise

Crime Code Lookup

Code Manpower Yearly Cash Resources
E 1-25 < $UC25k Melee Weapons, Motorcycles
D 25-50 $UC25k – $UC100k Pistols, Passenger Cars
C 50-100 $UC100k – $UC500k Sml Arms, Trucks / Heavy duty
B 100-500 $UC500k – $UC1m Long Arms, Drones / Magic Support / Light Cyberware
A 500-1000 $UC1m – $UC10m Security Spec Equipment, Cyberware
AA 1000-5000 $UC10m – $UC100m Military Spec, Air support, Alpha/Beta grade Combat Cyberware
AAA 5000+ > $UC100m Advanced Spec, custom/unique/specialized military/magic/cyberware


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