The Dakota Sioux enclave sponsored Bison festival.


  • Urban Brawl Minneapolis White Buffaloes, owned by Sioux business Magnet Joseph Pemmican-Man.
  • Combat Biker: Minnesota Muskrats
  • Hockey : North Stars (The Skates on ice winter sport) NAHL (North American hockey league successor to the NHL) Franchise. (After the formation of the NHL the team took the name the North Stars back as a publicity stunt.)
  • Soccer: Sleet: Soccer (Traditionalist (re: No Magic, no Cyber, no Bioware,) The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) regulated play. Very popular in the market)
  • Baseball: Twins (allows cyberware since 2032)
  • Basketball: Timberwolves (allows limited cyberware since 2047)
  • Football: Vikings (allows limited cyberware since 2047)The American football team of the “Minnesota Vikings”, which plays in the Western Conference of the UCAS League, is based in Minneapolis.
  • All’s fair: The Rocks (Cybernetic Freestyle Mixed Martial Gladiatorial League. (Freestyle meaning cyberware, bioware, magic and metahumans are all fair game) )
  • Deuling: Jesters (Deualist society of Saint Paul, a vibrant league of the Ucas fencing Federation. )
  • Glads: Gladiator combat (mostly in Aztlan and Asia)
  • Stickball: Mato ( Sioux Nation League)
  • Urban Brawl (the second most popular international sport)
  • Curling: St Paul curling club long history and tradition of olympics participation
  • Rollerderby: There are 8-12 local teams of mostly women. To be a success you need to not get caught and make a name for yourself. Generally 3-4 deaths a year.

The Ares Miracle Shooter AR complex.

there’s a fairly strong amatuer sports kind of angle, skiing, jogging, rollerblading, new sport, esp winter sports. Though I’m not sure what climate change/nuclear winter has done to winter…Lots of parks, golf courses, lakes for swimming, water skiing, etc.


Horizon has a media tech school in Minneapolis where they train all the up and coming…grips and tech people who work on the best trids and the top of the line news shows. It’s not glamorous but it’s glamour adjacent.


That side of course Prince’s club will exist forever. Naturally.)
Prince’s Night club were a Syn-thespian holographic Prince Performs twice a night to an ageing human fan base and cluster of well heeled elves .
And GlamSlam though I think in this universe you’d merge 1st Ave and GlamSlam

Pharyngulation – the rural Minnesota college at Morris was host to the popular atheist icon Pharyngula, the followers still consider this location one to pilgrimage to and often hold rallies, and the more extreme groups will often attack local religious icons.
P’ent’ay – A branch of Christianity most popular among the Oromo immigrant population exploded when charismatic preacher Teshite brought hundreds of thousands of others into the fold, creating mega churches and crushing many local lutheran churches.


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