Drug Run

Mellie thrust her hand out and the avatar skin she’d been wearing dropped off, she grabbed for the air and a sword gleamed nearly bigger than she was out of space. Two of her split and rotated around the sword. Flames licked up it and one of her melted away.

Viper dove at her, he’d shifted his own form to be completely that of the pterodactyl. He screeched at her.

“I know you do.” She snapped. “I do too, but that was not ok. We have work to do today.” She reached down deep into the resonance and pulled up a sprite. The mist started to coalesce and shift and then snapped together, a child stood in front of her and held out a flower.

“Today is a battle, do you choose to follow?” Mellie’s voice was harsh, sharp. The armor glinted like the ocean under her chainmail tunic.

The child pulled back the flower and shook her tiny little head. She vanished in an instant. Mellie grit her teeth and reached in again. This time a man in a long black leather trench coat with large guns drawn materialized instantly, he was nearly a foot taller than she was.

“Today is a battle, do you choose to follow?” Her voice was sharper now, her tone was ice cold. The man in the trench coat gave her an appraising look and she leaned on the sword. “You decide I have other business to attend to.”

The trenchcoated sprite watched the technomancer, he’d never seen one quite like this before. He wasn’t sure it was someone he could follow, but he intended to find out. She sent a responding message and turned back to him, his eternity to decide had passed. “For today.” She gave a quick nod of acknowledgement before reaching back into the resonance and pulling another sprite out.

Viper circled overhead watching, he screeched again when the sprite who came out was a cowboy, horse, six shooter, ten gallon hat, and all. Mellie waved her hand as the cowboy tipped his hat toward her. The resonance rippled around her and he faded away, his face fell as he faded.

“No! I have work to do.” She snapped and thrust her hands into the resonance this time a flat sprite came out, a small featureless orb. She didn’t pause this time. She just reached in again as the sweat grew on her brow and the flames continued to lick her arm and pulled out another orb.

She stepped back and lifted the sword. The other Mellie returned and her army was complete.

In a tiny apartment a very small woman struggled to get out of bed, Mellie pulled on a set of industrial scrubs and grabbed a few items, shoving them into a med bag and getting into a cab. Her face never moved, completely placid, even her eyes were dull and empty.

The cab dutifully moved across town, meanwhile in the matrix the sprites went to work. Fore-going the subtlety of a slow infiltration, the sprites picked up on the data-signal of the cab and followed it to the firewall. This would be detected, but they would be long gone by the time the company would be able to regain control. Tearing through the firewall, the sprites quickly overpowered the dog-brain of the cab, and redirected it on a new route. Meanwhile, another sprite worked on spoofing the cab’s identity. Again – it was quick and dirty – not meant to last forever, but just to buy them the time to complete their deeds. The cab changed course and started to follow a zigzagging pattern, the vehicle’s agent reprogrammed to follow the path to intercept the truck that was due to leave in an hour.

Mellie dug through her bag, pulling out several empty injectors, her face never moved but the cab jerked slightly before continuing smoothly on the path mapped out for it. Finally she laid out on her lap some tranq patches, stim patches, a pair of injectors, and a biomonitor she connected to herself.

Over the Omni shipping depot a young man looked up and spotted something swooping down in the sky. He resolved then and there to stop coming to work high, he was sure it had looked like a dinosaur, or a dragon.


Mellie’s teeth were set as she reached for one of the sprites, faceless she pulled it closer to her and inhaled, it’s body wrapped around her head, a pair of glasses. Mellie started to melt into the local net. The other faceless sprite waited silent, unmoving.

The sprite in the trenchcoat grinned. He spun his guns around, practicing cool moves. He reached out to look around her, this crazy technomancer, something different about her, he knew it in his code, she was different. Right now though she seemed just like all the rest. At the end he could face her with her puny sword and see who came out on top.

An eternity passed as they waited. Mellie’s eyes quietly darting, watching, patient. Suddenly Mellie reached for the tiniest of gaps and peeled back. This was only slightly different than the cab. Again the sprites latched onto the matrix signal, overwhelming the firewall and locking down the automated countermeasures. One of the sprites still spoofing the cab divided itself and set to work spoofing the truck. The agents stepped back – opening the door wide for Mellie. The truck was hers. She bared her teeth in a triumphant grin.

Pt 2

Drug Run

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