Other corps:

Saint Paul tends to attract regional offices of Mega Corporations. Almost all Megas maintain a acquisitions office in the city as part of identifying new corporation, assets, technologies or people to acquire from the surrounding.

Finance cluster, insurance.

Minneapolis tends to attract the smaller vibrant and transitory corps.

•Mitsuhama Computer Technologies opens its office in St. Paul Minnesota.

•Governor Rudd of Minnesota opens discussion with Native American tribal leaders of major reservations to prevent exploitation of the resources of Minnesota. 2002
•The Treaty of Bemdji is signed. This treaty between the state of Minnesota and leading Ojibwa tribal leaders prevents the exploitation of resources on Ojibwa land. 2005
•Four months after Texas authorizes urban militia units, Minnesota follows their example and passes the “Firearm Education Law.” 2008
•The “Battle” of Bagley is fought in Minneapolis, Minnesota between security and gang forces. 2009
•In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the New Metropolitan Council (NMC), a group formed to handle the riots and chaos of the VITAS outbreaks, is formed. The group’s members have their identities concealed to all but themselves and Governor Haroldson (Governor Rudd’s successor) in order to protect them. 2010

•The Minneapolis NMC is granted further governing powers. The Metropolitan Security Directorate (MSD) and Metropolitan Police Corps (MPC) are established to exercise these new powers and to keep the state from falling into anarchy.

•The Magic Hat, a professional organization for practice of real magic opens in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

•In Minnesota the Awakened Forest, an area teeming with awakened lifeforms, begins to grow. 2017

•The Red Lake “Invasion” occurs when street gangs invade the Red Lake district of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2019
•The 1st Minnesota Regulars are formed to battle the increasing gang violence. 2019

•In Minneapolis, Minnesota, federal troops attempting to control a food riot in a northern suburb accidentally drop several high explosive bombs. 20,000 people are killed and an estimated 45,000+ are crippled or injured. Fires rage out of control for ten days. 2022

•In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the political parties are realigned. A coalition is now needed to pass any legislation. 2022

•The International Trade Zone of Saint Paul, Minnesota is moved south of the Mississippi River to occupy that section of Saint Paul.

The Corporate Court (formerly the ICC) establishes the Zurich-Orbital Habitat as its base of operations.

•The metropolitan area inside the `94 Loop’ in Minnesota is designated as the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metroplex (MSP) under the rule of the NMC.
•Grain wars between corporations in MSP result in a trucking war. It is short lived as the NMC intervenes.
•The University of Minnesota develops a Multi-User/Multi-Input (MUMI) program using a Cray donated mainframe computer.

•Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) changes its name to 4M by adding magic to its industries.

•Parabiologicals appear in Northern Minnesota carrying new and dangerous virus strains.
•A mass exodus of dwarves (who appear immune to the new viruses) begin to migrate north from Minneapolis-Saint Paul, to Duluth in particular.

•Satisfaction Safaris, a company that gives tours of the Awakened Forest in Northern Minnesota, is founded.

•A major gang crisis in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota forces the MPC to get active assistance from the MSD crisis response teams.

•Tong & Anvil Mining Company (an exclusive dwarvish corporation) is founded in Duluth, Minnesota.
•The suburb in Minneapolis-Saint Paul Minnesota that was bombed during the food riot is walled off and made into “Crystal City”-Minnesota Maximum Security Facility. Every inmate of this new penitentiary is fitted with a security collar which has a timer, a transceiver, and a plastic explosive charge. Any attempt to tamper with the collar or to leave the area of the prison and the transmitters on the prison walls, results in detonation of the collar. When the inmate’s sentence is over, the explosive dissolves, destroys the transceiver, and the collar falls off. Each inmate is left to his own devices as to how to survive the length of his sentence.

•The Genesis Foundation, a corporation specializing in genetic and biological research, is founded in Minnesota/Saint Paul Minnesota.
•The dwarvish majority is recognized in Duluth, Minnesota when a dwarvish mayor is elected.

•A group of nonsmokers in Minneapolis, UCAS organizes themselves into a paramilitary organization called the Nonsmokers’ Supremacy League (NSL) to combat public smoking. Armed with small arms, they begin a campaign of raiding restaurants and other public places which no longer have separate seating for smokers and nonsmokers.

•Alamos 20,000 attempts a mass murder spree in Duluth, Minnesota. Eleven members of the terrorist group are captured but escape the day before being turned over to state authorities. 2039

•In Minneapolis, Minnesota, federal troops attempting to control a food riot in a northern suburb accidentally drop several high explosive bombs. 20,000 people are killed and an estimated 45,000+ are crippled or injured. Fires rage out of control for ten days. 2022

•Despite attempts from the Minneapolis home branch to segregate itself from the Chicago group, the NSL becomes the focus of nationwide law enforcement attention. 2039

•At Lakeshore Laboratories in Minnesota, a synthetic “Generic Gene” is discovered. This allows for growth of “generic” limbs which can be coded with recipient’s DNA prior to the graft. This cuts down clone time by 75% but increases rejection rate by 45%. 2044

•In Minnesota, UCAS, a flock of over 300 Carrion Crows attacks a small town on the shores of Lower Red Lake. No less than 35 people are killed and over 110 are injured. 2049

•An elvish colony is established in the Arrowhead region of Northern Minnesota. The Great Northern Elvish Council establishes its headquarters there.

•In Minnesota, UCAS, a simsense film crew is attacked by a pack of Fenris Wolves near the Boundary Waters. Fifteen crew members are killed. The only survivors are six crew members on an elevated platform. 2050


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•In response to the federal bombings of Minneapolis, Federal troops are restricted to federal land in Minnesota.


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