Health Care

Well known for breakthroughs in health care technology the Twin Cities is still a powerhouse of biomedical growth. Of course many of the large corps, but it is also a hotbed for small start up companies. They are incubated just long enough to be absorbed by the larger corps if they are successful.

The smaller companies trade ideas and people back and forth often, and rarely willingly.

Though there are strict laws for the metro about testing these new biomed breakthroughs several enterprising businesses have started up just to give them a way around the laws.

Corps – Established

  • Doc Wagon
  • Omni-Med Tech
  • Crash Cart
  • Medicar

Start Ups:

  • MyEyes – a start up that is working on cyber eyes and new developments, they are currently developing eyes with a revolutionary ability to grow with the person so that kids can get cyber eyes.
  • Atticama – Telemere research company, there has been talk of a break through for potential life extending technology.
  • Lana Builds – Exoskeleton connecting parts with a focus on exoforms for people who are neurologically atypical.
  • Beyond Skin Deep: manufacture tools to help guard against the pretty. Cyber eyes which level everyone’s physical appearance, and other tools to help the user not be swayed by outer beauty. Popular with entertainment lawyers who need to hold their own against their painfully beautiful clients.

Health Care

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