Mellie and Viper Talk About Home

While Mellie is on her way back to the little coffin motel she’s been staying at after an utterly exhausting day. All of the cold, and gross, and muddy, and the mental roller coaster of Dr. Jeep. just passing out and letting her subconscious drift seems to be like a good thing. She climbs onto the transit and takes a seat hiding in the back. Leaning against the window she closes her eyes and feels herself drifting toward sleep.


Viper pokes at her attention. Is he gone? You never let me tell you what I had found and it’s super awesome and I totes will get presents for it.

Viper seems even more excited than normal, which is an opposite mirror to the depths uncomfortable and exhaustion Mellie feels.

She lets her body continue to drift unconscious not pulling her body awake and just perks up in the matrix. Hi. She reaches her arm out to welcome him. Sorry, he’s gone, it was a really long night. The man with the hat is very…I feel…He’s…Oh! She shakes her head and tries to pull her attention to Viper. Tell me what you found that was super awesome and that you can get presents for. She favors him with a focused smile.

Viper hisses and rattles his wooden tail at Dr Jeep’s mention. He is scary and mean to me. And he won’t share his toys. He curls his body around her. You can stay up.. it’s lonely when you leave.

Aww, don’t worry, I’ll always protect you from the scary people. She strokes his back. I know it’s lonely when I leave, but you get tired sometimes too, when you have to slip home, it’s just like that for me, kind of. She shrugs. It’s not sleep but her body isn’t sucking any more out of her right now.

Viper slides up her arm and looks at her, content with this answer for now. Mellie’s mention of home reminds him why he was so excited to begin with. I found a place! A place where it’s easy to slip home and back. And there are others who sometimes come out and play.

A place where it is easy to slip home? She holds her breath, the thought of it, the potential.

I explore lots and there are lots of toys and they won’t let me play and I found this place and a nice being helped me play with a light switch.

Something real helped you play with a light switch? She can feel her meat body shaking. The exhaustion is nearly overwhelming at this point and that’s definitely contributing to the shaking, but this is what she’s been looking for. A very long time searching to find a well, it might be a great place to help Meg. It would be a great place for her. And if it had other sprites, of course a great place to make more real friends.

Viper curls around her hand and plays with her as she talks to him. Yes. He was fun but then it was exhausting and he had to leave. But I’m sure there are more, and I’m totes sure this is what you wanted and I’m sorry when I leave but I always come back because you are the bestest.

You do always come back, and it is ok that you need to leave sometimes. You know you can leave whenever you want. I’ll always be here when you want me. Mellie feels a slight warm sinking as she dips toward the resonance, she must watch. A well could be a great tool to help her watch whatever all of the things that needed watching. Images shimmer in her mind. The last, a new one. Dr. Jeep’s real form, she tenses and wonders what role he plays. And what role she wants him to play.

I could take you right now.. do you want to see it? There were some guards but they were slow and I snuck by them and it was fun to play and make the pretend people chase the lights. Suddenly Viper stopped and coiled up to hover in front of and look right into her eyes. You were thinking about HIM. EGAA… stop it. He’s mean! He’s old and scary and his toys are not fun.. and he’s not nice to us. He could never play our games. EILLEM…let’s play a game…

He is not! I mean I wasn’t! She sounds indigent and snippy then lets out a melodramatic sigh. She gives him a look, You would LOVE to play with his toys, the only reason you think he’s mean is because you haven’t gotten to play with them. I know you. I saw you in that big toy. You know, I bet if you were nice enough to him and showed him some of your toys he might let you play with his toys some day. He has a big van and that little car, and I think he’s got a lot of others too.

He….woooould? Ooh.. You’ll see..I’ll be totes nice to him..I’ll be super nice and then I can play with all of his toys. Viper starts to zip around.. and then comes back to look at Mellie.. who’s on the verge of passing out. Are you okay? You seem to be moving slower…

She breathes deeply. I think I need to go get some rest first. If there are guards it might be difficult to get in for me outside. I think a good rest first will help. But I think maybe you can take <!— and go poke around some more if you want. Actually take a look and see if you can find anything about the actual property, because if someone else has it we have to find a way to get it for ourselves. If you see N around bring it too and see what it thinks too.

Viper zips around in a circle and then nestles into Mellie’s pocket, pulling out <!—. Mellie isn’t well. Well isn’t Mellie… do something do something. <!— growls and swipes at Viper and then looks up at Mellie, pulling her face over to look into it.

I just need to rest please. She gets off at her stop and stumbles her way to the motel she’s been staying at, she definitely needs to change it up soon, just not tonight…or this morning rather. I’m really tired. There was mud and it was cold and tense and I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to go along on this. I’m not an in person job kind of girl. She’s rambling and double checks the id for the room and pays up a week in case, it’ll let her leave tomorrow easily with a trail.

She looks at <!— and Viper, Would you please go check out the place Viper found. It might be… A glint in her eyes and a bright smile for a moment as she slips into the “room,” It might be what we are looking for. If you can find out what kind of place it is, who owns it, all that, I would really appreciate it. We’ll go look at soon as I’ve had some rest.

Soon, I promise. She pulls the covers up and slips off to sleep.

Mellie and Viper Talk About Home

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