Orange Tigertails


The Orange Tigertail Go-Gangers are a Kendale-Miami based group of neo-luddite wannabe shits. The play at being 9×9 but use tech when it is convenient to them.

The lying hypocritical trash takes advantage of a wide range of tech including:
cheap ass sedans
customized motorcycles
guns – mostly light
tech produced melee weapons
wifi nodes

They don’t seem to manage to attract any mages but are interested in working with them. They target young SINless youth who are very vulnerable to shore up their numbers.

They also apparently engage in child trafficking, illegal goods transport, stolen vehicles, and extortion. Reported to be harboring a man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a number of children in Seattle. Wasn’t able to find proof but didn’t get a chance to search everyone’s comms.
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>CD Go Down
OTGG are a front for a pedophile ring!
I was just screwing around looking at unlocked comms and I ran across a few of the Orange Tigertail Go-Gangers and almost all of them had pictures of kids. It was horrible, disgusting pornographic shit. I don’t know what to do with this information. Who do I tell? I can’t get in trouble for hacking again!
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>Help Me!
My son was kidnapped by orange tigertails.
My 8 year old son was coming home from his friends house and he never got here. I know that it was that bastard from the tigertails who took him. He’s been stalking our house. Lone Star cops don’t care. Please help me!
[…2074-12-12 11:16:09\\MOM:{Lynda_Malone@}]

MTC is using technology to enslave mankind. The Orange Tigertails will strike back for all man!

“The world will be better off when we stop these giant evil corps and the so called AIs that they created to enslave man. We must join together. Man, Troll, Ork, Elf, we must even work with the Dragons. For they are the only thing powerful enough to destroy the AIs, destroy the Matrix. Even now they are destroying the messages we send to you. Hear us! Spread the word! Destroy the technology!”

MTC disaster cover for child abuse ring
The corps media has been all over the MTC mishap but they are ignoring the real reason for it. The Go-Gangers who call themselves the Orange Tigertails are nothing, but a group of child sex trafficking pedophiles. These bastards went in to make a big, and obviously for show only, splash at the MTC site because they were being closed in on. This is all just a distraction so that everyone turns their focus away from the real problem.

This is a call to action!
Get out and dig up information and make it public. Make it known. Bring these kids back to their families, and destroy these sons of bitches.
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Orange Tigertails

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