Technomancers across the matrix

Technomancers are a danger to far more than your personal Identity. The ads try to scare you saying that these monsters can steal your ID or your cash out of your account. The real threat is when you turn them into the corps the corps are going to use them to take out cities, countries, to take down the entire fucking world.

We are safe from mages in space, but even in space you aren’t safe from the horror that is technomancers. They can get into every bit of hardware and software just by thinking it.

Protect yourself and your family from technomancers, make sure you’ve got a good old fashioned gun that they can’t take over and force you to turn on your own family members.

>Help Me!
My daughter’s gone missing. She’d met this guy, he was pretty clean cut but there was something off about him. Lately she’d been spending more and more time with him. She said he was special that he could use the matrix with his brain. She’d been staying out past her curfew and I think they might have been having sex. So I told her that she couldn’t see him again.

Now she’s missing. I think this guy was a technomancer and he took over her brain. We had a chip in her so we could find her if she’d ever gotten kidnaped of course, but we never told her. Somehow it stopped working when she ran away. None of her other tech is working either. He’s probably out somewhere doing something horrible to her. Help me find my daughter and get vengence.

Anyone else notice how there aren’t many new technomancers “emerging” these days? How they all “emerged” during crash 2.0. Anyone else see that there are a lot fewer AI’s in the matrix?

Lots of people who were in the matrix during Crash 2.0 came out with severely different personalities, some came out as technomancers. If corps want more technomancers, which make no doubt they do, have you seen the prices out for them? Corps will force more crashes, but they’ll force crashes when as many people as they can get are hot simmed in so they can turn a few of them into technomancers. Most of them will die, but a few of them will transform.

I was at a node once and the entire thing shifted from this very cool medieval vibe, everything was knights and horses and stuff, really a great hangout spot, and then it all shifted. Suddenly it is like the 1920’s or some shit, everything is all these gaudy gilded gold and whites and weird clothes and funny head pieces and white suits.

Guy I was hanging out with said he’d seen it before, a technomancer. He said they can change a node just by passing through it to whatever they want. And once they’ve changed the basics of the node you don’t have any idea what backdoors they’ve put on it. But not all of them change the look of the nodes so you might not even know they are there.

I am a technomancer and this is all bullshit. We can only do what deckers and riggers can do. I’m not a fucking AI, I haven’t run off with anyone’s daughter, I don’t wreck every node I’m in.

You people who believe all this bullshit are fucking idiots and deserve whatever shit someone is selling you to keep you safe that will ruin you.

Why are the so called technomancers, really otaku bringing in such a high bounty from corps? Has anyone actually turned in an otaku and gotten a reward? Is it possible that the otaku themselves are behind this? I’m not saying they are, I’m just asking questions. Like who would stand to benefit if all the people willing to stand up to otakus were out of the way? Who has stood behind otakus before helping them as a group? Say in Hong Kong? And what have the effects of otakus grouping together looked like? Who would benefit most from hundreds of otakus working together? What would another Renraku Arcology look like? What would a hundred Renraku Arcologies look like? Are you safe?

Missing Assets Retrieval:
3 assets were removed from the premises

Assets are 2 female and 1 male technomancer. All are armed and dangerous. All can use drones, and any matrix connected weapons.

Female 1: 5’5” dark skinned, shaved head, highly dangerous. Will seduce, con, or threaten. Highly skilled with all types of weaponry and has knowledge of martial arts. Has used the aliases A113, or A1, or Steak.

Female 2: 5’2” pale skinned, shaved head, extremely dangerous. Heavily uses agents. Uses Matrix even while conscious. Knows extensive magic. Uses the alias Mellie.

Male 1: 5’6” brown skinned, shaved head, highly dangerous. Heavily armored with black IC and defenses. Should only be approached by mages. Has used the alias F0110W, current alias unknown.

1,000,000n¥ each, or 5,000,000n¥ for all 3 uninjured.

Asset Acquisition:
Assets with innate technical ability to interface directly with the matrix that are delivered to an Ares agent will be worth a minimum of 100,000 n¥. Information that leads to acquisition of a new asset or retrieval of a missing asset may be worth up to 50,000n¥.

Technomancers across the matrix

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