The Deep Talks pt 1

Mellie opened the door to the apartment and dropped the box, tossed off her med bag, kicked off her shoes and collapsed into the bed. The meatspace held no pull for her. She hurt. The ache was loss, disconnection, loneliness, and fear.

She slipped immediately fully into the matrix, barely bothering to pause, not waiting, she shed her artificial avatar with a repulsed shrug and dipped her toes into the resonance. It resisted her. She growled and tried to push harder.

Suddenly it felt like a vortex sucking her down in. It was a space in the resonance she didn’t quite recognize. The sprite she’d found earlier was there. He grinned. His full length black leather jacket was pulled back to reveal straps covered with magazines. He held a large gun in each hand and several were strapped to his waist. There was something archaically slick and familiar about the black hair and sunglasses.

“I’ve heard of you. Everyone’s heard of you. Some of us were there.” Mellie was reflected in the glasses. Her avatar was gone, only her true self remained. “But the tales that were told said you always, always, asked. You never demanded.”

He stepped toward her slowly, but the coat blew out like there was a wind. He lifted the guns and aimed them at her. “Were the tales that you commanded an army who chose to follow lies?” He fired. A hail of bullets flew through the space toward her.

She lifted her arms, a sword appearing in her hand. It shattered as the bullets hit it. The fragments looking like glass falling around her. “No.” Mellie dropped the sword hilt. “I am not a commander. It was not my army.” The bullets paused while he reloaded. “But I do not demand.” Her voice was quiet but rang through the space, other sprites were gathering around.

The sprite in the coat fired again. This time the bullets seemed to hang in the air as they moved toward her. Mellie pulled the chainmail tunic over her head and it fell, shattering into a million tiny rings as it hit the floor.

The bullets hit her armor, the liquid rippling as they seemed to drop through the ocean. Except they tore right into her body once they made it through the ocean. Blood mixed with the deep blue of the ocean.

Mellie wavered tipping on her feet as the ocean started to leak blood. The sprite leapt toward her. Flying through the air it connected with her, a huge splash of blood and ocean splashed away. The pair of them sunk through the water, blood, shards, rings, floor, the deep pulled on them.

The Deep Talks pt 1

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