The Truth Behind the GTBM Incident

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There has been a lot of talk about what really happened with the disaster in the Greater Toronto Buffalo Metropolis area. People have started to name it, GTBM Incident, Square Disaster. People are talking about what was really happening.

I’ll tell you what was really happening. A war. Aztechnology, Ares, Renraku, Knight Errant, everyone had huge teams of people there. Not just foot soldiers either. High level, highly decorated veterans with entire platoons.

You don’t do that for just one little upstart corp. Not even a little upstart corp run by an AI.

No, the real question is who is really behind this. To do that we need to look at who wasn’t there. To bring out so many Triple A Corps, you’d have to have another Triple A.

Aztechnology, Ares, Renraku…all on location. Now one of them might have been there to defend their own assets, but surprisingly there are no reports of them firing on each other. So who is missing from that list? Horizon? Ha! Not a pretty face among them. Horizon wouldn’t even bother. Evo? No, they aren’t really focused on anything outside the body, and inside the Matrix doesn’t seem to interest them. But what have we seen over and over? That’s right. The real missing link here is Saeder-Krupp.

We’ve heard talk of dragons inside the Matrix and it is clear to us that is simply the first shot across the bow in the war of meta-humanity vs the Matrix.

How can we know for sure? Well, I don’t know about that but I can tell you that while trying to create this I’ve had my commlink crash four times! And I’m on an older one, one of the good old fashioned comms.

Be ready – and beware.

Some people are worried that the GTBM Incident should make us aware of how unstable the Matrix is, that we need to be ready for a Crash3.0 any time. They’ve got it all backward. The Matrix isn’t just a series of wires and tubes anymore, it is a self aware, living, breathing thing. We shouldn’t be talking about the possible rights of technomancers or DI’s. They are the little cleaning birds that you see inside alligator’s mouths. They can’t do anything. The Matrix itself is the alligator, and it will devour us.

A war took place in seconds in the Matrix and no one will even tell us who won. You think it is a coincidence that GOD was there? Or that GOD is looking for Ascension but NOT for the technomancer who apparently masterminded all of this?

What do you think?
Info Dragon

You’ve heard of this huge blow up in the Toronto area right? Well the thing the mainstream won’t tell you is what didn’t happen. Did you know that Renraku had a submarine. Not just any submarine but a nuclear submarine standing by. That’s right folks Renraku was ready to nuke the entire GTBM to prevent this. Don’t think you’re safe. Don’t think that the corps are done nuking us.

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Thanks for coming back folks, we are talking about the potential for a nuclear bombing of Toronto. Well we here at Info Dragon are very glad that the folks in Toronto are safe. For now. Because this is not over, no, this is the first shot in the next phase of this war on us. After this short break we’ll tell you the truth about why Renraku is ready to bomb Toronto, and how they are preparing to aim for every other city in the world next.

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Welcome back everyone, we are talking today about why. Why are the corps readying their nukes right now. That’s right, every corp in the world is putting nukes in orbit to bomb any place within 3 minutes. Everyone of course remembers what happened at the Renraku Arcology Genocide, and now a group of AIs and Technomancers are trying to resurrect Deus. Now I’m not a fan of Deus, but I’m also not a fan of having my entire city nuked because some rogue AI or a single technomancer makes a little noise, but that’s what is going to happen. They will bomb anywhere they see any activity. The entire disaster in Toronto took less than 5 minutes, next time they’ll have already dropped a bomb, and it likely won’t even help.

The Truth Behind the GTBM Incident

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