The mafia has the upper hand and lead by the Amarante Family. It is established and represented in the city of course, and on every load that comes through here receives its share. The Head of the family, Don Vito “Big Angel” Amarante , who is quite comfortable and is known to have strong ties to the important Chicago families. However He is well established and they are well established and some what “lazy” having lost some of that street hustle that got him the job to start. Nevertheless no one should underestimate Don Vito Amarante, because independent smugglers who believe that express themselves to the share for the family can tend to drift down the River with the face down.

The Triads


The multimetatype Cutters are the dominant gogang in twin cities. They have two chapters in area one for Saint Paul and one for Minneapolis. They were spared the biological attack that wiped out the Seattle chapter and are undiminished in all their numbers and ferocity. In fact the Minneapolis has grown in response to the Cutters as the city was viewed as a hold. They accept members of all metatypes except elves, due to their ongoing enmity with the Ancients, and have been known to publically bounty prominent Ancient Club members. Compared to other gangs, Cutters organizational structure is relatively sophisticated and business like. They tend to care more about profit than pure reputation, and most of their actions will be carried out only after a cost-vs-profit analysis.

The Ancients, an Elven gang, are in the twin cites is an important transportation hub, they are frequently a club house around the Bryn Mawr Interchange. Never ones to bring their work home, they preferring to attack a rival gang suddenly, and then disappear almost miraculously. The on going pressure from the Cutters, has made

The Spiky Boyce, a local all-troll go-gang . they deal heavily in BTLs and even managed the change from chip to direct download trade. There are persistent rumors that the “Babe the ox” of the Spikes, has been trying to flip them into a local Spike chapter.

unique in claiming no real territory in the twin cites, preferring to attack a rival gang suddenly, and then disappear almost miraculously.


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