Vertigo is a scrawny little thing – looking very much like she lives on the street (which in fact she does). She has a nervous edge to her, constantly fiddling with something that she keeps on a chain around her neck. You will most likely find Vertigo sitting with her back to the wall, with a view of as much of the room as possible and an easy route to the nearest exit.


It will be very hard to learn anything about Vertigo’s background. So far, all you know is that she and Chance were friends when they were children. It has been many years since Chance has seen her, and what transpired in the intervening years remains a mystery.

Vertigo trusts very few people, but when her trust is won, her loyalty is unwavering. The question, will anyone in the party make the commitment it takes to win her trust?


Out of Toronto 4.0 Loranna