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Treason, Terrorism, Conspiracy to Commit Treason, Conspiracy to commit Criminal Homicide of a Law Enforcement Office, Conspiracy to commit Criminal Grand Theft Larceny, Transportation of Stolen Property over Extrajudicial Territories, Profiteering from the Spoils of Criminal Activities, Harbouring Unregistered Technomancers

Aliases: none known

DoB Used: unknown Hair: Black (holographic)
Place of Birth: unknown Eyes: Black (holographic)
Height: 5;4” (avatar) Sex: Female
Weight: n/a Race: Digital Intelligence
SIN: unregistered Nationality: None

Remarks: Ascension is the known alias of a dangerous DI who is known to be influential in the Toronto underground. She is well versed in 2nd generation and 3rd generation matrix hardware and has tied with the Russian and Italian Mafia. Ascension was formerly the CEO of the independant technology firm Square Peacock and is sought by authorities.

Ascension is ruthless, uncompassionate and does not value human life. She is considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached.

Caution: Ascension highly sought after and any contact should be reported to the Grid Overwatch Division immediately. Contact Commcode 31-0625-65346-06412

Reward: There is a 2,000,000 UC$ reward for information leading to the confirmed containment and punishment of Ascension.
*posted jointly with CAS_Most_Wanted, CFS_Most_Wanted, CL_Hit_List, Denver_Person_of_Interest, TT_Ure_Gothrim, Zurich Orbital GOD List

[….2075-02-19 01:34:07\\UCAS_Most_Wanted]

I’ve been deleted over 20 times already, I’m sure I will be again. BEWARE, Ascension is trying to resurrect Deus!
* Anon_002938

There might be something to this. Since when has GOD stuck their black fingers in anything this far north. Not to mention Sojourner itself has condemned the actions of this Ascension. Still – that holo of her is pretty hot.
* Flappin_Jack


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