Security A – AAA
Gridguide Yes
HyperLink Yes


Entertainment District, AA and AAA condos, home of the NeoNET Microarchology
Notables – Ares Tower & Entertainment Complex, P.A.T.H., cultural center, Shiawase Corp, EVO Corp, NeoNET Corp, Mitsuhama CT Corp, Wuxing Corp, Horizon Corp
Regent Park razed and converted into corporate holdings – undesirables relocated.
Toronto-Ryerson University of Technology and Thaumaturgy – TRUTT


Ares Corporate Holdings

Average Security Rating: A

Ares invested heavily during the 30’s with the development of the Toronto Islands, and with the completion of the underground tunnel (and the long-blockage of the island bridge) and the takeover of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (renamed Ares Toronto Central Connection), the Ares Corporate Holdings are a set of extradition territories which are secured by the Toronto Harbour. The tunnel has a checkpoint and the ferry to the island has high security. Ares maintains extensive air and water borne drones patrolling the harbour.

Not much manufacturing takes place on the islands – the offices towers are more for managing North UCAS operations then any active research/manufacturing.

Ares Toronto Central Connection – An international airport which can handle Short Takeoff and VTOL crafts, and also maintains an extensive drone maintenance facilities for Ares operations. Connection to the mainland is via ferry or underground tunnel with extensive checkpoints. Non Ares-employees are subject to additional ‘transfer’ fees and security registrations/delays.

Olympic Island – refurnished after hosting the 2052 olympics, there are extensive aquatic centers and corporate buildings which house ares employees. There are also the public entertainment grounds “Center Island” which is a retro-look at last century nostalgia

Muggs Island – Home to glittering Ares towers, this is home to most of Ares business interests in Northern UCAS

North Island / Algonquin Island – These have been converted into low-rise and sprawling eco retreats and housing for Ares employees living on the island. The most expensive and scenic houses are on the southern and eastern tip overlooking Lake Ontario

Beaches Park

Average Security Rating: AAA

With secured entrance from Lakeshore Blvd on the west, and Queens St E on the east, the Beaches Park is one of the exclusive residences which GTBM has to offer. Slender, modern towers reach up along the beachfront, with ample ultra-secure parks.

Security is intensive and pervasive. All areas are covered with cameras, and drones which are run by the condo associations who lease out these ultra-luxurious suites. None of the buildings reach higher then 4 stories, and even the parks and water are extensively patrolled and monitored.

There is no organized crime (apart from the crime-kingpins who happen to live in the lap of luxury) and there is a long waiting-list to move into the Beaches Park


Average Security Rating: A

Cabbagetown is a centuries old region which has been maintained with the old Victorian styling while having a cultural resurgence. Viewed as an ‘artistic neighbourhood’ it is distinct from other regions of the GTBM and maintains a slightly aloof artsy feel. Surprisingly void of Mega-Corp influence, cabbagetown is prided on the family-run atmosphere.

Security is still provided by Knight Errant and security measures are guised to appear as part of the existing infrastructure. Drone security is mostly absent as it was deemed too obtrusive.

Cabbagetown has relatively solid mafia holdings. There is little open conflict, and none of the other major players seem interested to moving into this territory. Several storefronts are fronts for mafia operations and warehouses stockpile resources for mafia operations.


Average Security Rating: A

West of the core, and home to the Kensington Market, Chinatown is a secure neighborhood with the undercurrents of conflict. Many businesses are run by the Taiwanese and Singapore Tongs, and there is almost open conflict with the other Chinese and Vietnamese Triads – unusual for such a secure neighborhood. Storefronts are barely a cover and the Knight Errant security is paid to look the other way. Much of the security of the neighborhood comes from the Tongs themselves looking to keep visitors coming in to buy their wares.

If one knows where to shop, illegal drugs, BTLs, electronics, bioware – it all can be bought for a price in Chinatown.

Kensington Market – An uncontrolled, 24-hour, local non-corporate or para-legal marketplace which is crowded by locals, tourists, criminals, hawkers, gawkers, gangs and grifters. Typically shunning corporate wares can be a hot-spot for obscura, hard-to-find or off-the-radar wares

Belleville Square Park – A well known public meeting spot – lively day and night. By night posers and clubbers descend turning the place into a chaotic maelstrom of humanity. During the day can sometimes be ‘the place to be seen’ by visiting Tri-d stars.

Chinatown – With the movement north of the large populations of Chinese north towards Markham, and the Vietnamese east towards Scarborough in the 2030’s and 2040’s, large populations from Taiwan and Singapore moved in, slowly shifting the flavour of Chinatown. Massage and Sex Parlours ply their wares alongside cheap knock-offs of popular commlink programs and faux-designer clothing.

Coxwell Developments

Average Security Rating: A

A small redevelopment in the 50’s have refreshed a lot of the near-century old houses. Home to middle to lower-upper classes, the Coxwell Developments have ample transportation, nearby connections to luxury regions for shopping and generally a quite ‘nice’ neighbourhood to live.

There are no large overt organized crime, or corporate influences. Security is provided by Knight Errant and there are numberous bus and GTBM-RPM stations. The district has churches, schools, community centres, but little commercial or industrial areas.

Dufferin Grove / Mirvish Village

Average Security Rating: A

A mixture of commercial and industrial homes, Dufferin Grove is home to both the Italian Mafia and the Jewish Mob. Relations are chilly, and while day-to-day operations will attempt to out bid/trade each other, property disputes and legal wranglings have been known to devolve into armed conflict.

Knight Errant has one of their precinct offices in this district which maintains a rapid response team for rapid deployment to the district

Little Italy – Several blocks of restaurants and shops fronting for the Italian Mafia, little Italy is a place where one could get authentic Italian cooking, and imported suits. Stores are open late and it’s not uncommon for drunken reverie to spill onto the streets.

Mirvish Village – The commercial district with a long heritage of unusual public gimmicks, the majority of the commercial interests were bought and now front for the Jewish Mob. Expansionistic and not afraid to back down from a fight, the Mob continues to push outwards, attempting to gain new grounds both legitimately and through underhanded means.

Entertainment Core

Average Security Rating: A

The core of the entertainment, cultural, financial and commercial heart of Toronto (and indeed the GTBM), the Entertainment Core is home to countless stores, theatres, halls, bars, clubs and entertainment for every taste. Focused at Union Station, the stores and venues branch out mostly North both above ground and below.

Knight Errant security is strict (near AA levels) and any undesirables are quickly moved ‘out of sight’. Security forces are quick to discriminate against those who would spoil the look or experience of the shoppers in this district.

Ares Tower & Sports Complex – The venerable icon of the core, the Ares Tower (formerly CN Tower) is the central piece of the Ares Tower & Sports Complex. The Tower is nearly a century old, and continues to draw millions of visitors every year, and the attached sports fields host a variety of sports, from baseball and hockey to nova-concerts.

P.A.T.H. – A sprawling series of underground commercial, entertainment and corporate shops connected by transit, GTBM-RPM and moving walkways, it is a vibrant corporate showcase. Legitimate and ‘by the books’ corporations try to out-glamour and out-ad each other to draw in the millions of patrons.

Cultural Venues – There are hundreds of culture venues – from high-profile world-renown museums as the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), renown music halls such as the EVO Roy Thomson Hall or Sony Centre for Performing Arts to the small hole-in-the-wall clubs where tomorrow’s Novastars touch elbows with the patrons. Everything is slick, clean and corporate.

EVO Corporate Holdings

Average Security Rating: AA

High security condos and up-scale cultural and shops mark the EVO waterfront properties. While access is not monitored (there are no checkpoints) there is an almost invasive level of security including automated facial recognition, marking and tracking, behavioral modeling. Any undesirables, suspicious behaviour, equipment which is flagged as stolen or unregistered, visible weapons, faces showing up on ‘wanted’ lists, etc are immediately flagged and detained by EVO corporate security. Astral security is at a similar level to mundane, and the area is highly patrolled by watcher spirits tied to the EVO Threat Response centre

EVO maintains active high-threat response tactical teams and provide responses to issue escalations in under 5 minutes.
Lemond Port – There is also an ultra modern port facility which links the Hyperlink to a shipping port and to a cargo-handling facility. Security is tight and high-speed freight is kept physically isolated from the passenger station. Most of the cargo load/off load is handled by rigged cargo drones and security is pervasive and extreme.

Nexus Station – The large hyperlink station is linked via moving walkways to the PATH and towards the venerable Union Station. The station is a glitzy advertisement for EVO and the same high security and on-site high-threat response team can respond to any incident within minutes.

Horizon Corporate Holdings

Average Security Rating: AA

There have been significant upheaval to the district once known as St.Jamestown. With goblinization, the vastly ethnic diverse neighbourhood lead to extreme rioting and devastation, which was carried forward during the ethnic roundups during the Nepean Act. The neighbourhood was in a fast downward spiral, and was dangerously close to being abandoned and left for barrens.

That’s before Horizon moved in, ‘buying’ the entire district in a 25 year plan to revitalize. A massive restoration project taking 12 years turned the ailing district into a shining ultra-modern expanse of glimmering condos overlooking the forested ravines. Many of the previous residents found themselves suddenly employeed by Horizon, and after the massive reconstruction was done, were quietly moved or shifted to other jobs.

There is a dark underside – rumours of secret Horizon research and test facilities built right under the condos, experiments on behavioural control and influence, and more abound.

Security is sub-contracted to Lone Star – one of the few districts in the metroplex to do so. The uniforms, however are the cobalt blue Horizon with a Lone Star flashing on the shoulder.

Mariam Olselph Quay

Average Security Rating: AA

Mariam Olselph Quay is an affluent residential neighbourhood which wraps around the ultra-luxurious Beaches Park. There are some light high-end shops (mostly along the northern borders with the Upper Beaches, and the rest are taken up by individual estate housing. Some of the housing are original centuries old Victorian style, however many of the houses have been rebuilt as modern paradises. Gated yards and extensive security is commonplace and many buildings are vine covered providing additional natural astral protection.

There are beaches however the use by non-residents is frowned upon and outsiders to the small snobby community are quickly (but politely) ostracized.

Glen Stewart Park – a gated and highly secured park, this is perhaps one of the safest and most artificial ‘natural’ tracts of land. Manned guarded entry discretely scan those enjoying the park, and those who do not register as being local residents are quietly escorted out of the park – citing ‘Tresspassing on private property”

Mitsuhama CT Corporate Holdings

Average Security Rating: AAA

Some of the most sought-after commercial real-estate exists on the former land renoun for it’s gay culture. After the rioting from the goblization providing a cover for hate-based violence, there was a mini ‘night of rage’ where violent rioting against the LGBT community resulted in the burning of 7 buildings and many lives lost.

Losing out to rich corporate interests, Mitsuhama who had just lost in a bid to secure parts of Bay Street, instead started to invest heavily in infrastructure and corporate development, and along with Horizon provided a revitalized ‘heart’ to the corporate city. The MCT holdings is one of the rare cases where MCT will rent out space to other AAA corporations who need temporary corporate space – either for short-term research projects or to provide redundant back-up space. These temporary offices are ultra-modern and have the highest technical and physical resources.

There is rumoured to be a facility for backup of the GTBM Stock Exchange, with the controls to be handled by Zurich Orbital Banks, in one of the MCT corporate buildings.

Security is handled by MCT forces, with Lone Star tactical teams on ready response for any escalations.

NeoNET Corporate Holdings

Average Security Rating: AA

NeoNET has been in a corporate cold-war over the ongoing technical revitalization of Toronto and the implementation of the Matrix 2.0 in the city. Relations between the two corporations are icy, and there is extensive security along their borders to prevent corporate information ‘leaking’. NeoNET currently hosts the GTBM Matrix servers, as well as much of the data infrastructure for the city – however several contracts have started going to the newly revitalized MCT facilities.

On a public level, NeoNET has allowed other corporations to sell their wares – making the old “Yonge Street” still a commercial and social hot-spot. There are several revitalized AR theatres, where classic stage is mixed with augmented reality and even limited close contact sim-rigs for patrons.

Security is handled by Knight Errant services, and there exists several barrier and ‘lock out systems to prevent fleeing criminals from crossing into MCT grounds to the north, including mag-locking access routes, Plex-steel barriers from the sidewalks and inside public routes, and hydraulic raised dividers to prevent vehicles from leaving the district.

Security is invasive to the point of aerosol rfid trackers which are used to track public movement and spending habits.

Palm Tower – an ultramodern micro-arcology tower dominating the skyline – rivaling the Ares Tower as a notable feature in the Toronto skyline. It’s unique design allows the outer structure of the tower to morph with the prevailing weather patterns, allowing the organic leaf-shaped building to twist and move with the wind.

Parliment / TRUTT

Average Security Rating: AA

Parliament district retains it’s name from it’s Canada days, the buildings reconditions and refurbished as the State and Senate buildings for the State of Ontario. The State buildings have spread since their Toronto days, and now hold the House of Representatives as well as the state department and it’s various agencies for most of northern UCAS. Security is oppressive and tight, and is maintained not by Knight Errant but by the UCAS Army from nearby UCAS Downsview. Rumours persist of a secret underground high-speed mag-rail connection between the state buildings (which are all connected below ground) and the UCAS Downsview.

State Department – Most of the region is taken up by the State Department. The House of Representatives mimics the façade of the white house, and is covered by a myriad of magical, mundane and high-tech security. Surrounding the state department are the offices of the senate and other various state agencies (FBI, CIA, TIA, IRS, ATF, etc) and to the east are sprawling ultra-modern residential towers for the various state employees. If it wasn’t so sprawling, the State Department would form it’s own mini-archology

Toronto-Ryerson University of Technology and Thaumaturgy (TRUTT) – The TRUTT has expanded and absorbed several smaller independent colleges to offer exceptional technology and magic based classes. Focusing on cybernetics, hermetic magic and modern sociology, the TRUTT does have classes in nearly any field of study. It’s managed to avoid being tied to any one corporation, however does have strong ties with Mitsuhama and Aztechnology. Come graduation day, all corporations come head-hunting for the brightest talents – sometimes resorting in extraction or underhanded manipulation to get bright students.

Playter Estates

Average Security Rating: AA

Playter Estates covers several neighborhoods of exclusive high-luxury estates. Security is provided by the Elite-class Knight Errant services, which covers both drones, magical, and matrix security. All residents are known by facial recognition and outsiders are identified, tagged, and followed.

Withrow Park – A posh high security park which has been known in the past as a meeting spot for Johnsons and high-level runners due to the pervasive security which would guarantee all parties were unarmed.

Queen East / Fords’ ville

Average Security Rating: AA

Not quite the estates, but Queen East consists of sparkling modern high-rise condos with the latest amenities and full augmented reality integration in all facets of daily life. Most of the condos are fully automated providing an effort-less lifestyle for those who can afford it. At the street level the district is almost austere, with all of the luxuries being underground or contained within the sprawling condos. Quant above-ground trolley cars and underground subways connect Queen East with the central core.

Security is provided by Knight Errant services, and most services come from Shiawase and Mitsuhama.

Fords’ville – the eastern portion, where the condos give way for more spacious sprawling estates, is named ironically after an unpopular mayor from the early 21st century. Having kicked off the major redevelopment before being outsted from office, the “Ashbridge Redevelopment” was often called ‘Fords’ville’ and the name stuck – being officially adopted in 2053


Average Security Rating: AAA

With checkpoint controlled entrances off the Gardiner Interstate and Lakeshore along with several other major entrances into Roncesvalles and Liberty Villages, the QueensQuay is the height of ultra-luxury condos. Developed over artificial sprawling greenland which juts out over the water. Three rival housing associations run 95% of the condos, with 3 independently run condos and 2 corporate run condos. Security is maintained by a mixture of Knight Errant and EVO Threat Response – however inter-judicial disagreements do occur.

Renraku / Ontario Hydro Deep-Water Project – an early 2020 project designed to use temperature differentials at the bottom of Lake Ontario to generate themal-hydrodynamic power. The project was only a mediocre success, and the technology did not spread far. It does provide independent uninterrupted power to most of the condos.

Roncesvalles / Parkdale / Liberty Villages

Average Security Rating: AA

A high-security residential area consisting of mostly gated town-house communities with enclosed park and exclusive local shops. Communities are typically independently run and security for a community may be provided by an entirely separate service provider then the district. Several of the communities are wholly owned by corporations and used as housing or even temporary housing for visiting out-of-city executives.

Shiawase Corporate Holdings

Average Security Rating: A

Shiawase started purchasing unused industrial land, and slowly moved towards buying the more updated shipping and entertainment facilities (formerly known as the Docks). Starting in 2030’s and gaining speed in the 40’s Shaiwase started to revitalize the shipping port – adding automated unloading facilities and aquatic-drones for shipping security and assistance. Warehouse spacing was modernized and some existing studio space was revitalized. Corporate enclave housing was added, along with a 500 MW Micro-Fusion reactor and tightened security at the entrances to the port. In 2067,

Shaiwase Docks – revitalized in the 30’s and 40’s, the Shaiwase upgraded the docks and provides the majority of the aquatic drones security the Toronto harbour. Airborne security of the water is covered by Knight Errant and a joint task force carefully divides responsibility for threat response. The dock facilities were soon eclipsed by the facilities in St Catherines, however due to it’s proximity to the Nexus station and the core of Toronto the Shaiwase docks remains a busy cargo destination.

Shaiwase Arcology – Shaiwase started construction of a full-sized arcology along the western lands – as close to the core of Toronto. Unlike the NEOnet Microarco Palm Tower, the Shaiwase is a full-sized and will be fully self-contained arcology.

Upper Beaches

Average Security Rating: A
A largely residential near the desirable Beaches area – the Upper Beaches is the home to many executives and other high paid professionals who don’t live in the corporate enclaves themselves. It’s also home to some quaint shopping, and in some parts of the district some light industrial sites.

Security is provided by Knight Errant.

Wuxing Corporate Holdings

Average Security Rating: A

Wuxing poured money into the redevelopment and promotion, and slowly bought out and turned the unofficial East Chinatown into a prosperous twinkling Asian district. Flashing neon and holo-ads, slick AR and high Hong-Kong fashion make Wuxing almost a separate city within the city. English is a secondary language to Cantonese and eastern fashions and custom take over.

Wuxing manages it’s own security with it’s own internal security forces – Knight Errant perform patrols but people are reluctant to deal with outside non-asian authorities.

Several competing crime organizations thrive in East Chinatown. There is a strong Green Triad presence running many of the drug, gambling and smuggling operations. Smaller Tongs operate at a neighbourhood level, in some cases providing legal and legitimate ombudsmen and cultural integration services while dealing with grey market and racketeering on the side. Some notable groups are the Qing Sing Tong, the Godfather, and Crane Triad.


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