The Greater Toronto-Buffalo Metroplex


The Greater Toronto-Buffalo Metroplex is one of the largest cities in the northern half of UCAS and shares close proximity with the Republic of Quebec and the Algonkian-Manitou Council. The GTBM grew from the urban sprawl focused primarily in the cities of Toronto and Buffalo, and the outlying satellite cities which grew into a continuous urban sprawl. With the merger of the former Canadian and United States countries, the borders disappeared and the sprawl was larger then Manhattan and briefly challenged it for the Capitol of the newly formed UCAS government.

The GTBM is divided into 13 districts, and each of those have their own regions within. Generally, travel is unrestricted between districts except where noted. All AAA’s and several AA’s have extra-judicial regions within GTBM borders which can at times cause jurisdictional conflicts. The Metroplex Corporate Oversight Authority exists to liaise and mediate conflicts.

Generally, most security has been contracted to Knight Errant services – except where noted, and regions have their own localized medicare.


Three public transit systems service the GTBM:

  • The Hyperlink is a modern mag-lev high-speed train system acting as a backbone connecting to Manhattan and Philadelphia.
  • GTBM Rapid People Mover (GTBM-RPM) is an amalgamation of the Toronto Subway, VIA, YRTC and Buffalo Light rail system onto a cohesive mass transit. It consists of linked above ground, below ground and elevated cars in a connected system
  • GTBM FAST Route is a linked bus / microbus system linking into the GTBM-RPM.


  1. Eatonville
  2. Greater Toronto
  3. Whitby-Oshawa Sprawl
  4. Markham-Vaughan
  5. Newmarket Expanse
  6. Barrie
  7. Orangeville Heights
  8. Mississauga
  9. K/W/G
  10. Brantford-Milton
  11. Hamilton
  12. Greater Niagara Region
  13. Greater Buffalo


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