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Whitby-Oshawa Sprawl
Greenwood Wilds


Storefront, Back room

Comforts: Squatter (1)
Entertainment: Squatter (1)
Necessities: Squatter (1)
Neighbourhood: Squatter (1)
Security: Squatter (1)

Categories Total: 5 LP

Hasty Exit (+2) A shipping door with a ramp leading directly to the lot out back. (The home is built with well-designed exits in case of an emergency. For a shadowrunner, this could include police or a ticked of Johnson. It may mean a quick-access. Barring unusual circumstances, a character can exit the home in one combat turn.)

Workplace (+1) There is a large area perfect for storing a car, and a place to store resin cast shipping cubes™. (The home has an attached garage or an available large space, secure from the elements, to work in, operate a small business, or house a magical lodge. is could be a warehouse, large loft , or even a storefront. It raises the space aspect of Necessities by two levels.)

Qualities Total: 3 LP

Total: 8 LP

Total Lifestyle cost: Lease UC$ 2,000 / month or ¥500 / month- Squatter/Low lifestyle

The ‘Apartment’ in the Greenwood Wilds of the Whitby-Oshawa Sprawl is the shipping dock and back room of “Miller Feed & Seed” a local if not too prosperous farming and cropping supply company. It has been awhile since it was actually used for its intended purpose (namely, providing additional warehouse room to a mercantile concern). It has been converted into a living space, complete with solar bladder shower, toilet, and other necessities.

It is remarkably spartan with only a few pieces of furniture, there is a cinder block and pallet arranged to make a low table, Japanese style, a resin framed futon, resting on crude woven Tami mat. The is a small stack of black resin shipping boxes, and disused apple crated neatly waiting in the corner.

As the sun sets, its sparse natural light is replaced by the neon glow from the sign out front advertising a special on Genetically modified soya seed. This light fills the shadowy corners of the unit with seedy, over-saturated colours. As trans-sonic transports make their takeoff runs from the Saeder-Krupp Pickering Airport, the slow rumble sound is distorted to a low doodling hum by the cheap synthetic building materials. The place is clean, dry and the patched roof keeps the elements out.

As far as creature comforts go, this place isn’t on the level. Electrical service is intermittent at best. There is a broken tri-d that only plays the local Saeder-Krupp home shopping channel, drawing both signal and power from a narrow translucent plastic tube emerging from a crudely installed fibre optic socket. There is also a small pile of hunting vid-discs left by a former tenant, who unfortunately fenced the disk player before moving out. The Central home Node, an old Aztechnology DoMo-Sirviente (Response 1, Signal 2, System 1, Firewall 2) frequently resets itself back to factory defaults, wiping it’s memory and changing the interface language to Spanish. There are no drones, domestic or otherwise, attached to the apartment.

The neighbourhood is a step up from the lawless chaos of the streets, this neighbourhood has inhabitable buildings, some local shops or farmers markets which tend to favour barter but do reluctantly accept certified cred and Saeder-Krupp corp script at a steep discount. But it is sparsely populated, and has a large portion of transient agricultural workers. It has a frontier mentality, where is not likely you will be murdered for your shoes, but, does have amphetamines, alcohol, and dream weed problems. Sometimes, walking down the street can be dangerous. It is common for people to openly carry rifles or knives, as those are viewed as tools, while is it viewed as extremely impolite to tote machine guns and heavy ordinance, as the people who do usually cause trouble.

Security in the area is a local solitary employee of LoneStar, Sheriff Buford Barnes. He is a might reluctant to get into fights between Stimming troll migrant workers, and is often slow to close cases. But, in the event of major “trouble” he can requisition a “backup” strike team from the nearby Whitby detachment. He does have a spotter drone, that he frequently uses as part of a speed trap on Old King Road. Sheriff Barnes will frequently hassle “strangers” as he views it as prevention, keeping “outsiders” from causing trouble in the area.

Farming families commonly live crammed together in squatted buildings. There is a local dump and junkyard complete with incinerator, where “old man” Whillikers will gladly get rid of your trash for a fee, and his “boys” often comb the neighbourhood for “salvage” and scavenge trash that gets dumped.

The roll door in the back of the unit has a sliding bar on the inside, and there are poor locks on the doors. Tucked out of sight under crates is a military surplus foot locker. This has a lock so old that a bump key will open it with minimal work.

at this location, Charles keeps the following gear:
• Synergist Business Line Suit (vacuum sealed in plastic garment bag)
• Self contained composting Toilet
• Replacement liquid reservoirs (Ten Individually Packages replacement liquid reservoirs for the composting Toilet)
• Replacement solid bins (Ten Individually Packages replacement solid bins for the composting Toilet)
• Lined Coat Yes (vacuum sealed in plastic garment bag)
• a flat of bottled Water Yes (280 L of Clean Potable Water in 2 L Evaporation resistant bottles)
• Armored jacket
• Medkit, rating 6
• Street wear clothing, 2 complete outfits (individually Vacuum sealed in plastic)
UCAS army surplus non-perishable rations(Each meal provides about 1,200 Calories. They are intended to be eaten for a maximum of 21 days, and have a shelf life of three years (depending on storage conditions).
• Vending Machine “Flats”, complete outfits (individually Vacuum sealed in plastic)
• Army-surplus cot (Vacuum sealed in plastic)
• Survival kits
• Certified credstick (2000)
• Chemical Glow Sticks (package of 20)
• Tent
• Sleeping bag (Vacuum sealed in plastic)
• Medkit Refill and extra bandages (Hermetic sealed in Sterilewrap™)
• Dynamo-powered camping light
• Disposable sterilized sheet set (Individually Vacuum sealed in plastic)
• Steam Iron
• Electric hot Plate
• Flashlight
• “Extra” white socks (Individually Vacuum sealed in plastic)
• Plushiesoft™ Towel

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