Notable People


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  • Jesse (The Body) Ventura – a governor (the governator) after his short lived career as an actor and professional live action model/wrestler made sweeping reforms in the state. He was governor for one term, then several years later became a supreme high court justice. As supreme high court justice he was able to “legislate from the bench” and institute libertarian reforms. These reforms held for several years before large megas started leaving Minnesota a destitute state, much of it’s luster gone. Then Minnesotans frustrated with the state of the Supreme Court made an unprecedented move, they elected former Governor Mark Dayton’s beloved German Shepard Itasca in a write in vote. Initially meant as a joke, Rose Moss stepped forward as a gifted animal psychic and “translated” for Itasca. Under Itasca and Rose Moss’s leadership many of the extremely harmful decisions were overturned and Minnesota once again took its place as a cultural, economic, and -now- spiritual powerhouse. Ventura has to this day a huge statue outside the court house with him pissing on the state flag. It is a popular photo opportunity as many take the chance to compare themselves favorably to the former body builder.
  • Walter Mondale – he was a senator from Minnesota and was VP under Carter. He of course lost, HARDCORE (Minnesota was the only state he carried) when he ran for president after Carter. So basically beloved son ineffectual leader. But it would be kind of hilarious to make him an icon going forward.
  • Paul Wellstone – also a senator from Minnesota. He was a very liberal/progressive/left wing guy who had been from the iron range and was a teacher. He died in a plane accident during his political campaign, and they sort of threw Mondale at the campaign after that because it was so close to the election. But of course there was some conspiracy and rumor around the accident.

Notable People

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