Charles 'Chuck' Boone Lifestyle

Name: Charles ‘Chuck’ Boone
Credstick Rating Color: Silver
Credstick Balance: 100,000¥
Bank:Spanish Bank (AA) (Madrid)
Legal Residence: Yes
Company #Shares Purchase Price Notes
None - - – -

Charles ‘legitimate commlink’: Fairlight Caliban, Custom OS with Nonstandard Wireless Signal (*Nonstandard Wireless link gives +1 threshold to attempts to detect.)
Response: 4 Signal: 5 System: 6 Firewall: 6

Normally kept Passive, not networked to any devices. Sometimes used as data storage.

Modifications (1/4):
1. Nonstandard Wireless Signal*
(Standard (legal) sim modules only interpret cold sim)

Programs: Encrypt R6/Decrypt R6
AR Programs: BattleChess Client, World of Go Client
Mapsofts: None
Datasofts: None
Knowsofts: None
Activesofts: None

Lifestyle Notes:
Three Happiness Coffin Motel (Approximately Low)
Greater Toronto, Briarhill SIN lvl 1

A rudimentary downtown capsule hotel that features a large number of extremely small “rooms” (capsules or coffins) intended to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require the services offered by more conventional hotels. This represents Charles efforts to maintain a legitimate lifestyle.

The guest room is a modular plastic or fiberglass block roughly 2 by 1 by 1.25 m (6 ft 7 in by 3 ft 3 in by 4 ft 1 in). This one includes a basic electronic console, and intermittent wireless internet connection. The capsules are stacked side-by-side, three units high, with steps providing access to the second level rooms. The open end of the capsule can be closed, for privacy, with a fibreglass door. Luggage is stored in a locker; and washrooms are communal. Guests are forbidden from smoking or eating in the capsules. The hotel has an Soycommissary™ vending machine and other limited entertainment facilities.

Comforts (3 LP)

The hotel has comfortable mass-produced memory foam furniture to fill it. It sturdy and the white low gloss finish means it holds up well to the abuse of the hotels’ transient residents. There are a variety of drones and a multi-function soy processing vending machine. The walls are fully covered with AR paint. The hotel CHN is secure enough that you could telecommute.

Entertainment (1 LP)
The hotel has a trid and range of pay as you consume media packages, Charles has subscribed to the most basic for news, weather and business packages. He can enough funds that he can occasionally attend the high school football games. He also channels the occasional pirated trid or cheap AR program on his ‘link.

Necessities (1 LP)

Being a coffin motel space is always at a premium. The walls and roof are good, and hot water is hit or miss depending on how early you hit the shower. Using the limits of this lifestyle, vending machine soy is the solitary meal of the day.

Neighborhood (3 LP)

Briarhill is a pleasant, well-kept community. It may be a mix of high-density housing and shops, or
it could be a suburban neighborhood. The public utilities, such as
electricity and water, are reliable, the wireless coverage is up 24/7,
and the neighborhood has a standing contract with a reputable
police corporation or well-respected criminal syndicate (response
times of less than five minutes). Drones patrol the streets, and you
can go out at night without body armor. There are probably several
popular chain restaurants to choose from, the grocery delivery
services are well-stocked, and there might even be a park or green
space. Your neighbors are middle management, white-collar wage
slaves, entrepreneurs, and successful criminals. Neighborhood
watches are common, and street crime is not. On the down side,
most Middle neighborhoods will require all meta humans to
broadcast a SIN and ID at all times.

Security (4 LP)
The hotel has excellent security, which deters all but the most determined and well-equipped thieves.
The windows and doors have superior locks and the Matrix system is well protected with IC running at all times.

They have a private security contract with a reputable firm, and trained Metahumans patrol your property at all times.

Your guests are likely to call police if they notice anything suspicious, and the neighbors’ security teams will likely come as backup for your own if there are any problems.

Guests enjoy considerable safety in the hotel.

The Floors are segregated by Gender and the Management accepts no responsibility for unattended items.

Device Rating: 4
Professional Rating: 4
Metahuman security team, spirit (Rating 4) patrol

Categories Total: 12 LP

Qualities Total: +12 LP
BattleChess Subscription +10¥/Month
World of Go Subscription +10¥/Month

Total Lifestyle cost: Lease UC$ 12880 / mo or ¥ / mo

Prepaid ( December 2073, January and February 2074)

In the Locker, Charles keeps a kit bag:
MRE Rations, 2 weeks
• Water purification tablets, 4 bottles
• Sleeping bag
• Comm Link MetaLink wt. Vector Xim (1,2,1,1)
• Survival kit
• Certified credstick (2000)
• Clothing, 2 complete outfits
• Med kit, rating 6

Charles 'Chuck' Boone Lifestyle

Out of Toronto 4.0 Winterstorm